Are Air Jordan 1 Good for Wide Feet?

Feet come in all sizes, and we don’t just mean in length. While a number of individuals have what can only be described as slender feet, some are wider, and that can cause a problem when it comes to shoes.

You see, the width is all important. Finding a shoe that fits lengthwise, but not the width, will result in all sorts of pains and complications. The shoe is hardly going to be comfortable, and who would then want to wear that type of thing?

So, are Air Jordan 1 good for wide feet? Would you be able to wear them? Let’s Find Out.

The Answer

The answer may surprise some people, as Air Jordan 1 shoes are indeed wide foot friendly. Actually, a number of retro style shoes are all suitable for people with wider than average feet.

The reason why this surprises people is we get lost in thinking that all shoes used to just be the same back in the day. We like to think that we have only now realized that width is important, but that’s not the case.

Instead, even the original shoe from the 80s was suitable for people with wider feet. 

The Construction

Part of the reason as to why Air Jordan 1 works well for wide feet is thanks to their construction. Also, keep in mind the reason why they were designed in the first place.

The original shoe was designed to be worn on the basketball court. That meant the shoe had to be created to be supportive, as the foot effectively changed shape according to how weight and balance were being applied to the foot.

That meant there would be times where the foot of the wearer would be flatter than others. That alone pushes the width out, so the shoe had to be spacious enough to accommodate this rather than strangle the foot, and cause discomfort.

This need for a certain amount of movement is what helps. 

You see, a lot of the support comes around the ankle to stop it rolling over. There’s a lot less constriction in the foot area, and that is where the problem would often come into play. 

How the Air Jordan 1 Sizes

But here’s another important point you should really be thinking about when it comes to all of your shoes, and that is how it sizes.

You would like to think that all shoes are made equally when it comes to their size. However, that is certainly not the case.

Some size larger than average, while others appear to size down. That is where the problem really arises.

What then happens for people with wider feet is they go and size up to try to give themselves a bit more space to accommodate their feet. While that sounds like a solution, it doesn’t actually work.

Sure, you may have more space from a width perspective, but you end up with shoes that are too long, and your foot moves around in other ways. That leads to blisters and generally feeling uncomfortable, and nobody actually wants that.

But in the case of the Air Jordan 1, they are true to size. So whatever your normal shoe size will be, you know you can opt for that with the Air Jordan 1, and you will feel as if they fit like a glove.

How They Should Feel

Now let’s delve deeper into how you know if the shoe fits your wide feet, as there are a few tell-tale signs that will make a difference.

The key here is to look at the edges of your feet and how they line up with the inside of the shoe. What should happen is you feel that the edges of your feet fall into line with the edges of the footbed. You shouldn’t feel as if they are being pressed up against the edge, and there should be no real pressure either.

Also, your feet should never be narrower than the footbed. There should be no discernible gap between your feet and that footbed. They need to be flush.

What this does is it means the shoe will be capable of fully supporting your feet, no matter what you do. Anything else, aside from being flush, will mean the overall design of the shoe will not be perfectly lined up with the different parts of your feet.

It means the instep won’t have the support. Your toes could be crushed, or even too loose, so you get blisters thanks to excess movement.

But here’s the thing about Air Jordan 1.

Thanks to the technology in the heart of the footbed, you won’t suffer in the same way as you would with other shoes. That is just a testimony to how good these shoes were even way back almost 40 years ago.

Here is the Cool Thing

So we know that Air Jordan 1 works for people with wide feet, but here is the cool thing.

Thanks to the design of the shoe, you don’t have to worry too much about losing support elsewhere. The high design around the ankle helps to provide a certain sense of stability, and thanks to the positioning of the air cushioning, you still get all the benefits from that area as well.

You see, a number of shoes will basically help in one area, and then hinder in another. However, with this design, it kind of automatically doesn’t do that. It’s not through a specific design either. It’s just because of the nature of what Nike wanted the shoe to do, which was to be worn on the basketball court.

Overall Conclusion

If you do have wide feet, then Air Jordan 1 will end up being perfect for you, as they were designed to have a bit more space inside the shoe. That means people with wide feet should feel they are being supported, rather than their feet being crushed.

Of course, this is not all about wearing these shoes for playing basketball.