Are Air Jordan 1 True to Size?

The question we are going to look at here is are Air Jordan 1 true to size? Well, in all honesty, we will look at a bit more than that. After all, what do we even mean by the term ‘true to size’?

We have a bit of explaining to do, but by the end you will have a better idea as to what all of this means, and that makes it easier when it comes to buying any shoes.

Air Jordan 1 is True to Size

So the answer is pretty simple. Air Jordan 1 is made true to size. Basically, if you know which size shoe you take, then the Air Jordan 1 should not pose any problems. In fact, you should discover that this is a perfect fit.

But that’s not the complete answer. Instead, it makes sense to be aware of what we even mean by the idea of something being true to size. After all, what does it mean, and how are you going to become aware as to how well Air Jordan 1 fits you?

The Importance of Understanding True to Size

When it comes to shoes, knowing if something is true to size will make a difference to how comfortable they are going to be on your feet. 

The problem, as with pretty much any item we wear on our body, is that size varies from brand to brand. Sometimes there can even be some variation within the brand itself, and that makes it so much harder to find something that fits you perfectly.

You would like to think that shoes would not be guilty of having various ideas of sizes, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

Instead, you have not only the length of the shoe to think of, but also the width. This becomes even more important when you have wide feet, as it can easily mean you won’t get the full support basically on offer from the shoe.

So, what is meant when we talk about something being true to size?

The Brannock Device

Across the States, the idea of a shoe being true to size means it fits in with something known as the Brannock Device. 

This device was created back in the 1920s, and it was viewed as being a perfect way of measuring foot size, which would then relate to a shoe size. The device would not only measure the length of the foot, but also the width and the arch. Basically, it gave a more overall measurement, which would then mean having a more accurate fit with the shoe.

The Brannock device actually became the international standard for sizing shoes. 

So, What About Air Jordan 1?

Are Air Jordan 1 True to Size?

You see, this is the crazy part. Not all shoes fit in with this Brannock device. They don’t use that as the way to then go ahead and develop, or design their shoes. That is insane, but Air Jordan 1 is not one of those shoes.

Instead, Nike has a tendency to use this device in the development of their shoes, and the Air Jordan 1 is no exception to that particular rule.

Air Jordan 1 Doesn’t Run Big

So the Air Jordan 1 doesn’t run big. As we have stressed already, if you know your shoe size, then these sneakers will fit in with your pre-existing size.

But Air Jordan 1 also works well for people with wider feet. That is taken into consideration with the design of the shoe, so those with wider feet won’t find themselves suffering from crippling pain in their feet.

However, there are some people that prefer shoes that come with a more snug fit. If that is you, then we have a tip. 

All you need to do is to go down half a size, and that should mean you get that tight fit without it crushing your toes. Even going down half a size will result in you having a comfortable fit, but it does mean there’s that little bit less of a movement in the shoe.

Knowing Your Air Jordan 1 Fits Perfectly

But if we presume you do know your shoe size and are happy with it, then how do you know if these sneakers are indeed fitting you perfectly? Well, there are a few tell-tale signs that you should be looking out for.

However, you need to be aware that when you buy brand new Air Jordan 1 shoes, they will feel quite snug. That’s because the upper leather needs to be effectively broken in. After that, the comfort level is going to rocket.

So this is what you need to look for. 

At the toe section, you should be able to feel as if you could place a finger’s width between the end of your longest toe and the end of the shoe. That is the perfect position.

To check things, see if you can slide a finger down at the heel and see if this is a snug fit between your heel and the heel of the shoe. If it is, then you have the perfect length.

Of course, you could go to a shoe shop and have your feet measured to see the correct size, but this simple check will help you to at least know if your Air Jordan 1 actually does fit.

Overall Conclusion

So, to draw things to a conclusion, Air Jordan 1 is indeed true to size. As long as you know your shoe size, then Air Jordan 1 should be perfect, and there should be no real issue when it comes to wearing them.

There should be no need for inserts to bulk up the heel and stop your foot moving around. However, do keep in mind that they will feel snug, and possibly a bit tight, at the outset. That feeling will ease once you have effectively broken in the shoe, which shouldn’t take too long to happen.

But it’s still advisable to know your true shoe size. That means you will be able to get the full benefit of the shoes and the support that they offer you.

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