Are Air Jordan 1’s Comfortable for Daily Use?

Retro 90s sportswear is in hot demand and the Jordan brand is one that always keeps fans happy with regular releases. With new colors and special editions dropping regularly we will discuss, are Air Jordan 1’s comfortable for daily use?

Are Air Jordan 1’s Comfortable and true to size?

Yes, many reviewers on sites like Reddit and sneaker forums say that the sizing is true to what you normally wear. So, if you take an 11 then you can be sure that when ordering in that size it’s going to fit.

Also, these sneakers are suitable for people with a wider foot as they do not cut in at the toes and bunch them up. On a hot day when your feet tend to swell a little, you will find there is also plenty of room to accommodate this. 

You need to also bear in mind that these are high top basketball shoes with extra padding around the collar. If you like to wear sneakers a little snug, then go a half size up as the padding will push your big toe slightly forward than a normal cross or low sports shoe would. Something to keep in mind if you are ordering a limited-edition pair as they may sell out fast so changing sizes is out of the question. 

But generally, you can order online with no problems at all if you wear shoes with normal fitting. 

Are Air Jordan 1’s Comfortable to Hoop In?

During Michael Jordan’s final game at Madison Square Garden as a Chicago Bull during the infamous 97-98 season, he donned a pair of Air Jordan 1s. He played the whole game in them and dropped 42 points on the Knicks that night.

These were the original pair he played in during his rookie season and even though they were a smaller size from what he was currently wearing, the Jordans held up well and performed to a very high standard. 

Air Jordan 1 Features:

  • Wide stable base so you can plant your feet firmly before jumping. 
  • High top with cushioned sides to support your ankles.
  • Lots of grip so you don’t slip on the tarmac. 

Air Jordan 1’s use leather or a combination with suede. This is going to weigh more, and you may need to break them in, so you don’t get any blisters. They are not going to be as flexible as newer shoes that use knit materials and technology. This also gives them the same strength as leather, but they are very lightweight.  

Note that these tend to come up a little loose around the top of the foot for those with slim feet so you will need to tie them tighter than normal or wear thick socks. 

But aren’t newer Jordans technologically advanced?

Even though these sneakers came out decades ago they use the same cushioning and patented technology used in other Nike trainers. This was way ahead of its time and if you compare other retro B-ball shoes of that period the superiority of Jordan 1’s becomes very clear. There is plenty of ankle support for keen hoopers and a high comfort level for those using them as fashion accessories. 

Plus, the newer designed Jordans are predominately used on the court so the styling and technology used may not be suitable for everyday wear. For example, a pair of Air Jordan XXXV’s, although made with the latest technology, are not fully wrapped in leather. This is to help with air circulation and weight saving.

If you are out shopping and there’s a thunderstorm you are going to want a full leather sneaker for maximum water resistance. The same also goes for spillages of drinks and other consumables, these will simply wipe off clean on an Air Jordan 1 shoe. 

Has Nike updated the comfort levels?

Consumers have been treated to updates over the years with the latest being the Nike Air Jordan 1 Zoom Comfort. If you are asking if Air Jordan 1’s are comfortable for everyday use, then the answer is yes.

The comfort editions incorporate the classic silhouette with updated internals. This includes extra padding and cushioning for the soles. With improved padding around the collar and tongue, it gives a lot more ankle support as well.

You can be assured that when spending a couple of hundred dollars on a pair of Air Jordan 1’s that you are getting the latest technology used in sneakers today. 

Are Air Jordan 1’s Comfortable to wear all day?

Yes, they are comfortable to wear, especially the new silhouettes. This is because of the air cushion technology now implanted into the soles of the shoes. It gives you all the comfort of a regular Nike shoe but with classic styling. 

Whether you work in an office all day, are a courier, a college student, or just on your feet a lot of the time. Air Jordan 1’s are going to be as comfortable if not better than any other sneaker on the market. 


Classic Jordans have a huge cult following and sell out to enthusiasts on release dates. But you will also see a lot of regular users going about their day-to-day lives wearing them. This is because they look smart and go with jeans or pants. But mostly because they are just comfortable to wear. 

There are always regular releases of new colors or special editions to mark certain occasions for those who either want to collect or just have the latest trend. Some go up in value if they are looked after well. 

Are Air Jordan 1’s Comfortable for daily use and all types of people? The answer is yes, they are a comfortable and durable sneaker that comes up true to size making ordering online very easy. For fully leather editions, upkeep is very simple, with most dirt and grime simply wiping off the durable leather.

Lastly, you will always be in fashion as the Jordan 1’s have crossed three decades and are still in as much demand as they were when released brand new.