Are Air Jordan 5 Good for Basketball?

If we are honest, we have a tendency to fall into the trap of believing that any shoe with the name Jordan attached to it should then be a good shoe for basketball. After all, it’s named after an iconic player, so why wouldn’t that be the case?

But we need to be a bit more specific here, and in this instance we will focus on the AIr Jordan 5 shoe. Now, this is a shoe that has been around for a long time, and has certainly made a real reputation for itself. However, a reputation for being a classic shoe to wear in general is not the same as one that is designed for sports.

So, are Air Jordan 5 good for basketball? If so, why is that the case? If not, then where is it going to let you down?

The Answer

The short answer is that the Air Jordan 5 is pretty good for basketball. In fact, some people would argue that it’s the best shoe they have ever played in, but that’s clearly something that is very personal to them.

The Air Jordan 5 has been around for a long time, and it has always been held in high regard when it comes to shooting some hoops. This appears to be something that has never changed over the years with the more modern version still being seen on courts around the world.

This shoe has function at the heart of it. Nike has certainly managed to develop a shoe that contains various aspects that will prove to be highly advantageous on the court.

But, as with any shoe, there’s more to the story and how well it functions than you may initially think. We do also need to stress you have to look beyond the design and outer appearances here. Yes, the shoe looks cool, but looking cool doesn’t help on the court.

Classic or Modern?

Are Air Jordan 5 Good for Basketball?

As the Jordan 5 has gone through various changes over the years, it makes you wonder if the classic and original version will be just as good on the court as the more modern style?

Well, both are going to work. However, there have been various small tweaks and changes to the design of the shoe over the years, and those small differences add up.

You are looking at the modern version having slightly better support and comfort. That counts for a lot when you are on the court, and it may even feel as if the modern version can deal with the rough and tumble a bit better.

In saying that, there’s something cool about wearing one of the classic designs when it comes to the Air Jordan 5 and basketball.

But Why are They So Good?

So why are these shoes so good when it comes to basketball? Well, there are several reasons that has ultimately led to them becoming a serious favorite on the court.

First, these are shoes that last a long time. They are made with that in mind, so people view them as being a solid investment when it comes to their shoes.

Also, the design of the shoe has been created in such a way that people with all sizes of feet can wear them, and get the same benefit from doing so. This has opened up the market, and also people playing in different positions can all wear the Air Jordan 5.

And then there’s something else about them that has been around with Air Jordan 5 for some time, and that’s the way they were advertised way back in the 90s.

Back then, Nike made a big deal about how these shoes would effectively mold to your feet. This is due to the polyurethane midsole contained within the shoe.

What this does is that, over time, it acts like memory foam for your feet. That makes them more comfortable and supportive compared to so many other shoes out there.

And finally, the inside of the shoe is designed to accommodate people with wider feet. That is also good for basketball due to the way in which your foot can act depending on your weight distribution and balance.

The shoes give enough space on the inside while still supporting your foot, and that is what makes them stand out when it comes to wearing them to play some ball.

Are They Worth the Money?

Here is an important point to remember when it comes to determining if the Air Jordan 5 is worth the money.

This shoe was partly developed with the concept of people playing basketball while wearing them. That was something that Nike believed would happen. So, it makes sense that they then developed a shoe that would make that a positive experience for the wearer.

The fact that even the sockliner can be removed, which then makes a difference for people with the need to wear special inserts to then apply them, is a sign of how they thought of everything.

If buying these shoes to play basketball, you need to look beyond the actual appearance, and focus more on functionality.

When you do this, you will quickly discover that these shoes score highly on the functionality side of things compared to others that you may want to wear on the court.

Just for support, the molding, and comfort alone, these shoes are well worth the investment even if you only wear them sporadically on the basketball court.

Overall Conclusion

So, we can state that the Air Jordan 5 shoe is indeed good for basketball, but it’s best to keep with the more modern version rather than the old classics.

That’s not to say that the old versions are poor. They are still a good shoe. However, slight changes and improvements in the way of support and comfort in modern versions can make a real difference when it comes to stepping out on the court.

But not matter which pair you own, there’s little doubt that these shoes will be comfortable enough, and also provide you with real confidence to step out on the court knowing your shoes are there to back you up.