Are Yeezy 700 True to Size?

Are you having trouble finding if the Yeezy 700 is true to size?

The short answer is yes, but there are some features you should know about before purchasing your next 700’s as sometimes the fit tends to differ.

There are three versions of Yeezy 700, and I’ll be going over each one of them for you in this article.

Yeezy 700: Size Up or Down?

Yeezy V1 vs V2 vs V3

Yeezy 700! All Yeezy’s are so desirable and 700s, in particular, has the most jaw-dropping silhouettes. Whatever the case is, they all vary in size and fit, and therefore we have a guide laid out for you to ease this task.

So, are Yeezy 700 true to size? The toebox in this shoe is a little short and doesn’t have much flexibility because of its chunky midsoles. Therefore, it is best to go a half size or a full size up with your 700 V1 to give your feet and your pinkies some breathing space.

It didn’t take long for Kanye to release another version of the 700 series. And with your 700 V2, you will be fine with purchasing your shoe that is true to size, as it has more padding and underlining material when compared with V1’s, and therefore it is a lot snugger on the inside. It also uses more Primeknit across the upper resulting in a much looser fit.

When comparing the 700 V3 with the previous two versions, V3 is a little tighter as it was launched during the same time when Kanye West was loving the space theme and also when he dropped Yeezy 380 Alien, therefore, he took an unusual approach and revamped the silhouette with Yeezy V3 making it tighter. Just like the Yeezy V1, it is best to go with a half size or a full size up with your Yeezy V3.

Yeezy 700 and Working Out

Are Yeezy 700 True to Size?

Yeezy’s never advertised itself as a workout shoe, they are simply not made for working out. They are a streetwear brand, and they are not anywhere close to the sports world.

Yeezy 700, in particular, is heavy, and working out with any Yeezy is unsafe and can cause you an injury.

If you are thinking about running with your 700s, you sure can. 

Yeezy boost 700 uses Ultraboost technology which was specifically built for runners and those who love to do cardio exercises. It protects your feet, provides superior comfort, and they are made for every day.

What Is Ultraboost Technology?

Ultraboost technology was first launched in 2015. Developed using ARAMIS motion capture technology that was previously used by NASA to test the structural integrity of their space shuttles.

ARAMIS allowed the R&D team at Adidas to innovate their existing boost technology by monitoring the tension and strains that take place on different parts of the runner’s foot. Allowing them to monitor at a submicrometer level.

All Ultraboost shoes beat other Adidas technology such as Cloudfoam, boost technology, formation, and more, and their comfortableness is unmatched.

Yeezy 700 vs 500 

In the fight between two dads shoe Yeezy 700 and 500. Yeezy 700 wins and is more comfortable than Yeezy 500, which is already known for its amazing comfort.

Yeezy 700 uses Ultraboost technology, and the 500’s use AdiPRENE technology. While AdiPRENE technology was specifically engineered to protect impactful forces and to provide comfort and cushioning. This technology is mostly used in tennis shoes.

That said, Yeezy 700 retails for $300, and Yeezy 500 retails for $200.

Both these shoes provide superior comfort, but due to Ultraboost technology, the 700 is slightly more comfortable than the 500s, but they also cost more than the 500s.

Yeezy 700 Resell Price 

There’s no day that Yeezy has ever had a disappointing resell price. Yeezy 700 Sun had an average resell price of $375 but also reached a much higher price of $783, according to StockX market data.

And if you are looking to buy a pair of 700s, we would advise you to buy either from a reputed marketplace such as eBay who have a buyers protection program that authenticates your shoe on your behalf, provides you with certification, and in case of any fraud/mishap, they refund you. But it is rare for this to happen as eBay and most reputed marketplace have a superior verification system in place.

If you choose to buy online, make sure to research well about the seller and read the reviews the seller received. Look for his/her social media and verify if the person is genuine and has a clean social media profile.

Or you can also buy from reputed resellers such as Stadium Goods, Flight Club, KITH Soho, and more, who also steals away your headache by verifying the authenticity.

Cleaning Your 700s

Cleaning your shoes can seem like a task, but it only requires 10 minutes from your day, and you are good to go for months without another cleaning. 

Follow the below steps to learn more

  1. Fill a bowl with water and fill it with sneaker cleaning solution or use your dish soap
  2. Remove the laces from your shoe and throw them in the bowl of water and let it sit for a while
  3. Dry brush the shoe and remove all the dust and stains as much as possible.
  4. Now prepare another bowl of water with the cleaning solution and start brushing the shoe in a circular motion.
  5. Using a microfiber cloth, wipe away the soapy moisture and let the shoe air dry
  6. Also, remove the laces from the bowl of water and wring them out
  7. If there are any stain spots on the laces, try to remove them using the edge of your nail
  8. Once done, let it air dry.

After your shoe has completely dried, make sure to protect it with water repellent sprays to prevent any accidental damage.

Last Words

Finding the right fit isn’t that hard apparently. And if you are interested in coping Yeezy 700s, you should really go for it!

We hope you also find the Ultraboost technology helpful with your everyday tasks and with your cardio.

And every few months depending on your usage of your 700s make sure to clean them to keep them looking newer.