Are Yeezy Good for Wide Feet

Why are the Yeezys usually sized down, are they deliberately making the shoes small? Or is it the shape of the shoe that’s small?

So what size should I go with when buying my next Yeezy!?

I know, I know! So many burning questions, but you got no one to answer, until today! Because we are going to let you know why most Yeezy’s are smaller and tighter, and what size you should go with if you have a wide foot.

So, are Yeezy good for wide feet? Keep reading to find out.

The Sizing Hell

Yeezy rose to popularity for its jaw-dropping design and colorways, different kinds of unique and innovative silhouettes such as the 350s, 700s, and the foam runners — oh! Am I missing something!? Well, they have numerous models, and the silhouettes of every model are unique to one and another and are different.

Yeezy revamped the sneaker industry from the ground up and made innovation, looks, and uniqueness a priority!

This is the reason the size of Yeezy is also inaccurate, and they have their own reference chart, but it is also not that helpful.

So why is this and what size should you buy?

The problem with most Yeezy’s is the toe box. The toe box on the Yeezy is usually small and is tighter for people with a wide foot. 

Yeezy’s have small toe box because of their innovative approach to the design — Since the sneakers from Yeezy are unlike any other, the shape of the shoe is slightly modified in the process of creating a unique looking sneaker, therefore the toe box is slightly smaller and much tighter for a person with a big toe. 

And some Yeezy comes only in full size, and they do not come in half sizes like 9.5 or 10.5. It is either 9 or 10 or 11, you get the idea.

So the best approach for people with wide feet is to buy a size bigger than they usually would. And with the models like 350s which also comes in half sizes like 9.5 or 10.5, you will be fine by buying a shoe that is a half size bigger if your toe is not that big or wide.

And people with a normal foot and toe size, you would have no problem buying true to size Yeezy.

Yeezy Shoes That Are True to Size for Wide Feet

Are Yeezy Good for Wide Feet

Yeezy 500:- Yeezy 500 is one of the few Yeezy’s that are true to size. Since the toe box of the shoe is wider by default, a person with a wide foot can have no problem wearing this. And the soles of the shoe are created using AdiPrene technology which is developed by Adidas that provides ultimate comfort and is a great shock absorber.

Yeezy 700:- Another pair that is in line to be the next true to size Yeezy is the Yeezy 700 but there are some models in the 700 series that are not true to size and will require a person with wide feet to go at least half a size up. The models that are not true to size are Wave Runner, Inertia, Mauve, Magnet, Utility, Salt, Analog. And the models that are true to size are Tephra, Utility, Static, Geode, Vanta.

Are the Iconic 350s True to Size?

Are these favorites of yours true to size?

Ummm… all right! I won’t tease you any longer. They aren’t true to size for people with wide feet. Hey, look! Whenever I mention “wide feet,” it doesn’t mean it’s abnormal — heck! my own foot is big!

So if you want to cop these classic and never-out-of-style sneakers, and you are someone who has big feet, you should go half a size up.

If you have a big foot but still managed to wear your 350’s that are true to size — you are not going to experience the comfort that Yeezys are known for, you are damaging the sneakers, and you will eventually also hurt or injure yourself.

The Comfort of Yeezy!

Let’s put this question to rest once and for all. Yeezy means comfort! 

Adidas, with its years of quality and innovative shoemaking experience, understands what comfort is. With their years of experience and their investment in research and product development throughout these years, it has allowed them to innovate various technology in the shoemaking industry to enhance the experience, comfort of their shoes, withstand shock and enable you to do more with them. 

They hold patents to various foam types to provide the ultimate comfort any running shoe and sneaker could provide. Also to keep you up with your A-game in sports and everyday activity.

Adidas has put an effort into these shoes, and in fact, a lot of the time, these are better in comfort than Adidas’ own sneakers such as NMD’s and others.

The Future of Yeezy

The future of Yeezy, without a shadow of a doubt, is they are going to outthrow every “King” that there has ever been in the sneaker industry. Yeezy has already killed a lot of them and set a benchmark.

It’s not long that this brand which started in 2015, has already carved domination and its presence in its own way that they have touched such a great height and were able to conquer this feat in just about 6yrs.

Who would’ve thought, Kanye who was so desperate for help that he reached out to so many people, including Mark Zuckerberg to help bring his idea and his vision alive, only to get no reply back from him. And in just two years after that, he bounced back to become a billionaire!

Adidas x Kanye’s partnership has flung them both out to the world, making them taste the greatness where only two brands were ruling — Nike and its Nike Air Jordans line.

It’s interesting to see how these two brands are going to fight for the crown in the future.


So the Yeezys are usually smaller for people with wide feet, which is not good for you and the sneaker. So try buying half a size up usually when you are with big feet going to buy a pair of Yeezy shoes.

We hope this article has helped you.