Best Sneaker Stores You Must Visit in Philadelphia

If you love sneakers and are in Philadelphia, then knowing where you should go in order to get your fix of some new shoes is a bit harder than you may imagine. However, that is because of the sheer number of options that you have available.

From large name stores that you can find in cities all over the United States, to smaller independent sneaker stores, the city of Philadelphia has you covered no matter which option you prefer. 

So what we are going to do is to just introduce you to what we see as being the best sneaker stores you must visit in Philadelphia. Each store will not only have a wide array of sneakers to choose from, but the staff will also be capable of offering some pretty amazing customer service, and the knowledge they have about sneakers will blow your mind.

So, let’s get onto the stores.

Lapstone & Hammer

Lapstone & Hammer is one of those stores where you will feel as if you have come home to sneaker heaven. Not only are the staff very attentive at finding out what your needs are regarding your sneakers, but there’s also a good chance they will have those perfect sneakers in stock for you.

The shoes are well laid out, and there’s no doubt that they manage to make it all very enticing. Even if you simply want to venture inside to check out what they have in store, it may end up with you buying some new sneakers just because of how cool the shop looks when you are inside.

Covering all sorts of brand names, you will have access to the latest sneakers mixed in with some limited edition and special collabs. To be honest, with their stock constantly changing, you never know what you may come across from week to week. However, that is part of the appeal of this store and is a major reason why you will keep on going back.

Best Sneaker Stores You Must Visit in Philadelphia

Young’s Sneaker City

Young’s Sneaker City has an impressive selection of sneakers for you to check out, and their selection often includes shoes that you may not be able to find anywhere else in Philly. 

Their staff certainly go out of their way to make your shopping experience with them a pleasant one, and there’s no doubt that their staff know what they are talking about when it comes to shoes. Even if you venture inside with no idea as to what you are looking for, you will feel as if you have had an education in sneakers by the time you leave.

Add in shoes that cover all brand names, some exclusives, and an atmosphere that makes shopping there a pleasant experience kind of sums up what you should expect at Young’s Sneaker City. 

Suplex Philadelphia

Suplex in Philadelphia is often viewed by many as being the absolute best sneaker store in the city, and it’s kind of obvious as to why so many have this view when you check out the store in person.

When you walk into their store, you may feel swamped by the array of sneakers that are on display. They make everything seem so appealing, and your eyes dart from side to side trying to take on board what is there. 

But even though it may be overwhelming, the staff are there to help you out. They will listen and advise accordingly. They will make sure you leave there with the perfect sneakers even when you only ventured inside to have a general browse of what they have to offer.

Overall, Suplex is an amazing store, but be warned that you may fall deeper in love with sneakers as a result of what they have to offer. 


SNIPES has more than one store in Philly to choose from, and that’s a great thing as it does mean you have more opportunities to really check out the shoes they have available. 

This is one of those stores where you just walk in and don’t know where to even start. The array of shoes they have available is astonishing, and it really does feel like a piece of sneaker heaven.

But add in the experience and knowledge of the staff, and what you then have is a sneaker shopping experience that is difficult to replicate anywhere else. This applies no matter which one of their stores you go to as they are all capable of offering you the exact same experience.


Finally, we have DTLR and they are not only about sneakers, but fashion and apparel as well. What that means is you will find yourself in the position of perhaps being able to completely change your look in the one store, and that’s never a bad thing.

However, when it comes to sneakers, then you will be able to set eyes on some pretty cool match-ups. We are talking about being able to combine some cool streetwear alongside rare or special limited edition sneakers, and that’s something that you don’t get in a store that is purely about sneakers.

But the staff here will also work hard at helping you to put your look together. They will strive to make sure you leave there happy with your purchase, and that everything is just perfect for your own individual needs.

As is the norm with any city, Philadelphia has more than its fair share of outlet stores or factory stores for individual brands, so you can easily come across them in your travels. However, do look beyond those big names and check out some of the smaller stores in the city. That is where you will get a more personal sneaker buying experience, and who knows what absolute gems you could come across during your visit.

At the end of the day, Philadelphia has the ability to spring a few sneaker surprises. But be warned, stock changes fast, so those limited edition or special collabs could be gone in next to no time if you are not careful.