Can you clean jordans with baby wipes?

It is almost everybody’s dream to own a pair of jordans. However, keeping them clean has proved to be a headache to many. If they are maintained well, they always bring out a killer fashion when worn by an individual. So, can you clean Jordans with baby wipes?

If you have been thinking of keeping your jordans clean, worry no more. We have a solution for you. Baby wipes can do wonders when used to clean jordans. How? Here is a guide for you.

Steps to follow when cleaning jordans with baby wipes

Every goal needs a procedure that one has to follow to get the best results. There are various steps that you will have to follow when cleaning your jordans with a baby wipe. This will ensure that you achieve your goal ( a clean pair of shoes).

Step one: Remove and clean the shoelaces

Start by removing the shoelaces. Take a bowl of hot or warm water, and then add a little amount of the laundry cleaning solution for shoes. Put the laces in hot water. You can then swish them around in the water for a while and leave them to soak in water as you continue with cleaning your jordans. 

It is essential to wash your laces as they are fabric too. They sometimes pick up stains and dirt thus need to be cleaned. 

Step two: Brush The Shoes

After cleaning the laces, the next step is brushing your shoes. It is recommended that you use the shoe laundry brush to achieve better results. Brush the shoes thoroughly from top to bottom. Remove debris from around the leather.

Once you have removed all the mud or dust, put the baby wipe in clean water and then rinse them off. Apply gently on the surface of the shoes. This will help in drying them partially. You can then put them somewhere to dry up completely.

Step three: Cleaning insoles

The next step after brushing your jordans is to clean the insoles. Here, you will require a baby wipe. When it comes to cleaning the jordans, one of the most important parts is cleaning the insoles.

The insoles may contain grass, dust, dirt, mud, and so on. If they are not cleaned very well, they may also become smelly. This may also be caused by poor quality socks and sweaty feet.

Cleaning the insoles is relatively easy because most of them are removable. It is vital to ensure that they do not get soaking wet since they are made from foam and synthetic materials. 

Wipe down the insoles with a clean baby wipe. Dip the baby wipe in the cleaning solution, then gently scrub the insoles with it. 

Once you are done with the scrubbing, make sure that you rinse off the baby wipe thoroughly. This must be done as you remove any leftover soap residue or suds. You can place the insoles on a towel for faster soaking up of the water.

Step four: Clean Off Dirt

Clean the jordans very well to remove any dirt. If there is any mud or grass, you can also use a brush to clean them off. Remember to use a cleaning solution at this stage too. Spray a sneaker cleaner around the upper part of the jordans. 

Put the baby wipe in water and gently rub on the upper part of the jordans. It would be best if you were not afraid to apply a little more pressure. Rinse the baby wiper again and again. This should be done when a little dirt has accumulated on it to ensure that you do not dirty the parts that you have already cleaned.

You should remember to pay attention to the places that are hard to reach. Besides, it would help if you remembered not to clean your jordans under running water. Once you are done with cleaning the upper part of the jordans, you should focus on their soles. Here, you can again use the baby wipe provided that the soles are not muddy.

If the jordans are so muddy, you can use a brush and then make use of the baby wipe later when rinsing off. You should not be afraid of applying more pressure on the soles when cleaning them.

Step five: Applying Leather Care

It is not over until the fat lady sings. After cleaning your jordans, you should not presume that you are done with everything. Remember to apply Leather Care to nourish and protect them. This will ensure that your jordans appear fresher all the time.

Apply Leather Care on the baby wipe and then massage your jordans gently, one at a time. Place them in an open place to air drive.

Advantages when using baby wipes to clean your jordans

Using baby wipes to clean your jordans comes with various benefits. First, baby wipes are relatively affordable. When compared to other tools that can be used to clean the jordans, baby wipes are cheaper. At least every household has one or two baby wipes.

Baby wipes can also be reused. You can use them to clean your jordans for several months. This will save you the cost of buying cleaning tools.

Another advantage of using baby wipes is that they do not damage the fabric of your jordans. Unlike the brushes, which can scrub off the fabric of your shoes, baby wipes are smooth thus can not damage the fabric. If they are used very well, they will ensure that your jordans are kept in good condition for a long time.


Jordans have been at the top of the fashion industry for many years. Just like the other leather shoes, they sometimes easily show debris and dust accumulated on them. However, they can be cleaned easily with the help of baby wipes.

Baby wipes are very common in the modern market. If you have a pair of jordans, you can get some to use when cleaning. This will make your shoe game remain at the top.