Can You Clean Jordans With Bleach?

So, your Jordans aren’t looking their best, and you want to have them back to that pristine condition, but how do you do that?

Well, while there are a number of apparent ‘solutions’ floating around online, we are going to look at only one such idea. What solution are we focusing on? Well, it comes down to can you clean Jordans with bleach?

The Starting Point

So here is our first suggestion. Before you go ahead and start cleaning with any solution, you need to try to remove as much dirt and grime as you can by dry brushing. That will make life easier when it comes to the cleaning part.

So, Can You Use Bleach?

Any white sneakers can be cleaned with bleach, so the answer here is yes. However, there are a few stipulations to think about before you go ahead and start pouring gallons of bleach all over your shoes.

Instead, there has to be a pretty precise mix to get the best results, and to get them without possibly damaging your sneakers. 

Bleach should not be your first choice of cleaning material when it comes to any sneakers. It does work, but it can be quite harsh on them, and this can be quite stressful.

However, we do have the solution for you.

The Mix

What you are looking at doing is mixing bleach and water to dilute the solution. Now, this is the important part, as you must make sure you have a gallon of water to three tablespoons of bleach.

This has to be the kind of strength you want to use. Bleach is tough on materials when it comes to getting them clean, and you don’t want to do anything that could possibly damage the upper leather of your sneakers.

The only time when you may want to use a stronger solution is on the soles. Those soles take the brunt of everything, and they can end up in a pretty horrible state, so you may want to use a mix of one tablespoon of bleach to three tablespoons of water. However, to be on the safe side, even make that weaker than you would perhaps expect.

How to Use the Mix

With your mix, you are best to use a toothbrush and dip it into the solution. Then, lightly scrub your sneaker with the bleach solution to allow it to start to take effect on all those marks. 

This is something that must be done gently. Too much scrubbing can potentially damage your Jordans, and nobody wants that to happen.

But the cool thing about using a toothbrush is the way it can get into all those corners and edges. By the end, you should have no problem getting each and every part of your Jordans covered with the bleach solution.

The Laces

When it comes to the laces, then you want to make sure that you remove them and place them in a bag. You can basically let them soak for a bit in some of the bleach solution, and they should come out looking pretty new once you are done.

However, don’t do this for more than a couple of minutes. If you leave them longer, then they could easily end up discolored, and that’s not something you want.

A Warning About Colored Laces

But a quick word of warning here if you have colored laces on your Jordans. If this is the case, then never use bleach to get them clean. All that will do is make the color fade, as the bleach will remove some of the dye in an instant.

The same also applies to leather laces. The bleach will break down the leather, and ruin them, so avoid it at all costs. 

Rinsing Your Jordans

After scrubbing your Jordans with the bleach solution, you need to rinse your shoes with warm water. Now, we aren’t talking about you soaking them, but you do need to make sure you get that bleach off and leave no remnants behind.

You cannot go ahead and leave that solution on there for longer than it takes you to scrub the entire shoe. This is powerful stuff when it comes to getting things clean, and it won’t take an eternity for it to work its magic.

Once you have rinsed them thoroughly, you need to go ahead and leave your Jordans to air dry. Be warned that this will probably take a few hours, so don’t expect this job to be over in an hour or so. 

What to Avoid

You need to be careful when using bleach in this way. Don’t leave the solution on your sneakers for too long, and do pay close attention to the strength of the solution.

If you make it too strong, then don’t be surprised if your white sneakers turn a shade of yellow. That’s a surefire sign that you have not diluted the bleach enough, and then you have a major problem trying to get things looking normal.

Also, don’t just do a half-hearted job with the rinsing aspect. You must get the solution back off those shoes, or the yellowing of the surface will occur. Oh, and you will have damaged your Jordans.


You can indeed use bleach to clean Jordans, but you must proceed with caution.

Bleach will whiten those Jordans but don’t make it too strong, or you will regret it when that pristine white turns a not-so-perfect yellow.

Scrub gently, and then rinse thoroughly to get the best outcome. Also, be prepared to perhaps do it more than once if you aren’t quite happy with the end result. However, if you do need to do this more than once, then take the same care each and every time.

Finally, just keep in mind the point regarding the laces and when bleach cannot be used. Bleach will make a mess of things if left for too long, or used in the wrong way, so only use it on white Jordans and you should be absolutely fine.