Can You Clean Jordans with Water?

When it comes to cleaning your Jordans, some people are worried that they run the very real risk of damaging them if they do the wrong thing.

With that kind of thought in your mind, it makes sense that you may want to keep cleaning your Jordans as simple as possible, and that means dealing with water. 

So, can you clean Jordans with water? 

The Answer

Water can be used to remove some stains and marks from your Jordans, but in all honesty, it’s going to work better if you also use a little bit of dish soap just to make the entire process work more smoothly.

However, don’t worry about using that dish soap with your Jordans, as long as you follow some simple instructions, then it won’t damage your shoes. Actually, it will help get them back to pristine condition.

But also, you need to be careful with the quantity of water that you end up using to clean your Jordans. You certainly don’t want to soak them, as that comes with its own risks. So let’s go through the best way to use water to get those sneakers back to looking brand new.

Using Just Water for New Marks

So if you see some mud or dirt on your Jordans, and it’s fresh, then get some water and wipe it clean. Now this will obviously be easier when everything is fresh, and that’s why we do recommend that you keep on checking in on your Jordans to see what they look like to prevent things from getting bad.

Get a cloth, make it damp with some water, and wipe over the mark or dirt. You will then want to rinse out the cloth in order to finish wiping it clean, and this should then mean you are not left with a mark, if the stain is fresh.

However, it’s understandable that some stains or marks are harder to deal with if they have been there for some time, but all is not lost when it comes to cleaning your Jordans.

Using Dish Soap and Water

Dish soap is a pretty laid-back cleaning agent, and it’s not going to do anything to your shoes if you use just a spot of it mixed with water. In fact, it can make the difference between getting those stains off your Jordans, or having to leave things looking pretty messed up.

However, the way you use this mixture depends on whether you are talking about knitted parts of the uppers or leather.

Washing Knitted Parts

Take some dish soap and cold water, and mix the two together. Using a soft cloth, make it damp, but don’t soak it, and then start to scrub the mixture into the knit. If you are worried about soaking things too much, then one tip is to go ahead and put a cloth ball inside the shoe, as that will stop things from coming through too much.

If there are some marks that are a bit tougher, then you can get a soft bristled toothbrush to then scrub them lightly and get the detergent into the knit. 

Once you have scrubbed them, you need to rinse out the cloth in clean water, in order to then start wiping them. The key here is to be able to remove the detergent from the knit, as you don’t want any residue left.

After that, you need to leave your shoes to air dry.

Washing Leather Uppers

Can You Clean Jordans with Water?

So now we have the leather part, and this should be easier to deal with compared to the knitted part of your Air Jordans. 

Remember, the leather that is on Jordans is not your usual leather. It’s more of a premium version, and that does mean it’s worth taking some extra care when it comes to cleaning it.

Here, you should use a soft brush. Take some of the detergent and water mix, and gently move in circles to remove any stains or marks on the leather. You don’t want to soak things either. 

But if some stains are more resistant, then you can apply a bit more pressure to try to remove them. The best way to do this is to use a slightly harder brush, but then build the pressure while keeping an eye on what is happening to the leather. 

Once you are done, rinse the leather to remove any residue, as you don’t want to leave anything on there.

The Laces and Soles

A quick word about the laces and soles. Laces can be washed with water, but you should do them on their own after removing them from the shoes.

When it comes to soles, then you should brush the soles first to remove as much dirt and debris as you can before you think about cleaning them. 

You can add more water to the soles in order to get them clean. After all, they can put up with a lot more punishment than other parts of the shoes. You can use a hard brush with water to get them as clean as possible, and then leave them to air dry in order to see the end result.

Overall Conclusion

Ultimately, you can go ahead and use water to clean your Jordans, and it is perfectly safe to do so. However, the key is to avoid soaking them, and to also be gentle with your scrubbing method.

Water is capable of removing a lot of stains and marks from your Jordans. For harder stains, add in a touch of dish soap to the equation, and you should then see this making a significant difference to the end result.

The key to all of this is to keep on top of dirt and stains with your Jordans, and deal with them as soon as you see that there is some sort of issue. That should make it easier to get things back looking pristine, and without you needing to put in too much work in the process.