Do Air Jordan 1 Run Big?

When it comes to buying your new pair of Air Jordan 1, you want to make sure that they fit you perfectly. After all, you not only want to look good wearing them, but you don’t want them to be either too small or too big that they cause you discomfort. So, do Air Jordan 1 run big?

The Answer

So let’s cut to the chase and tell you that Air Jordan 1 will not run big. Instead, they run true to size, and that means we need to explain what is meant by this.

Basically, the term ‘true to size’ when it comes to shoes means you shouldn’t have any problems with a shoe fitting you if you know your actual size of shoe. That’s because the manufacturer, which means Nike, has designed the shoe using the Brannock device.

The Brannock device is almost 100 years old, but it still forms the basis of providing the standard international measurements for shoes. It pretty much tells you what a certain shoe size should mean, and if a company sticks to those measurements, then they are made true to size.

What all of this means is that Air Jordan 1 is designed to fit according to an agreed length, width, and even position of the arch. 

If they ran big, then it would mean you have to downsize, and that could change the actual positives associated with wearing these shoes.

Running Big Would Affect Comfort and Support

Do Air Jordan 1 Run Big?

You must remember that one of the key things about this line of shoes is connected to the comfort and support. These aspects are perfectly positioned to give the wearer the optimum level of comfort.

Running big means that cushioning, which is designed with absolute precision, would provide support to the wrong parts of the feet. That can do all sorts of things, and we mean throwing off your walk and putting incorrect pressure on the incorrect areas.

But Nike has counteracted this problem by making sure their sneakers run true to size. In doing so, you get all the benefits, so it’s no surprise they are so popular.

But What About Wide Feet?

But you might be worried if you have wide feet, but in the case of Air Jordan 1, there’s no need to stress. Instead, these shoes are designed to accommodate wide feet, and it’s thanks to their overall design.

By sticking to the Brannock device dimensions, it does mean there’s a bit of play around the edges of the shoe. These small differences can make a significant difference when it comes to wearing them, and when you have wide feet.

Now, we aren’t saying that it means you will have a lot of space, but there will be enough room for your foot so it doesn’t feel restricted.

But that’s not all in this respect. 

You will still be able to feel that you get the correct amount of support and comfort from these shoes, even when you do have wide feet.

If they ran big, then this would not be the case. The cushioning in Air Jordan 1 is very precise. It’s designed to offer support and comfort to key areas of your foot, so something running big will throw all of that out of balance. That would then mean this is not a good shoe to own.

But What If You Want a Snug Fit?

When something runs true to size, at least from a shoe perspective, then if you want a snug fit, it does mean you have to go down a size. In general, look at going down just half a size, and it should mean you get that feeling of the shoe being tight and snug, but without it effectively crushing your feet.

By going down half a size, it will still mean you move things around a bit when it comes to support and comfort. However, if you do have very narrow feet, as some people do, then this would also be an option. At that point, things should line up pretty well, and you will still get all the benefits of the shoe.

Getting Them to Fit Perfectly

So Air Jordan 1 shoes will not run big, so you are safe to go ahead and get your normal shoe size without running into any kind of problem when it comes to wearing them.

However, let’s quickly run over the best way to know if your new sneakers are indeed fitting you perfectly.

In this instance, the key is going to be the length of the shoe. You should certainly not feel that your toes are being crushed. The longest toe should not be tight against the end of the shoe either. That means you are wearing the wrong size.

Instead, there should be a bit of a gap, but there are limits when it comes to this gap to make sure you have the perfect fit.

In general, you should feel that you can have the width of a finger between the end of your long toe and the end of the shoe. Also, you can check at the heel. You should be able to place a finger between your own heel and the back of the shoe. This should feel snug.

Anything more than that type of space will mean your foot is going to move around too much in the shoe. That can lead to all sorts of issues, and the same applies if you cannot even get the width of a finger into the space. 

Of course, you could go and get your feet measured just to be on the safe side before ordering. 

Overall Conclusion

Air Jordan 1 sneakers do not run big. In fact, they run true to size, and that does make life easier. All you need to do is to know your normal shoe size, and there should be no problem when it comes to comfort, and how they feel on your feet.

All we suggest is making sure things fit perfectly by doing the finger check. That is all that is required for you to know if your Air Jordan 1 sneakers are going to give you the comfort and support you deserve.