Do Air Jordan 4’s Run Big or Small?

Air Jordan 4s is one of the coolest looking, popular, and favorite sneakers of many. With new iterations dropping every now and then, like the Jordan 4 Metallic Red, Metallic purple, the Jordan 4 Black Cat, and the recent collaboration with Off-white giving us the Off-White Jordan 4.

There are many more iterations and collaborations in the pipeline for the future, and we know you are guessing if the Jordan 4s are true to size.

The smooth leather uppers, functional fit, and modern aesthetic are all that make this sneaker one of the most sought-after and hyped sneakers, and to know if they are true to size. So, do Air Jordan 4’s run big or small? You should keep reading to find out.

Are the Jordan 4’s True to Size?

Nike Air Jordan 4 are mostly true to size. What do I mean with “Mostly true to size?” If you have a foot that is wide or your toe is bigger, then you should probably go half a size up.

Why? The toe box on the Jordan 4’s is slightly narrower and is well padded, shrinking the size of the toe box, which makes the shoe a little bit tighter for a person with a big toe.

So with your next Jordan 4’s, you’ll be mostly fine with buying true-to-size Jordan 4’s. But if your toe is wide, try to buy half a size up.

Are Jordan 4 Comfortable?

Do Air Jordan 4’s Run Big or Small?

Jordan 4 is one of those few sneakers that offers amazing comfort, and you can literally wear them all day without any fatigue. The toe box and the ankle areas are well padded, which gives you amazing comfort and a snug fit. In fact, if you compare these with the Air Jordan 1s, Air Jordan 4 is comfortable than Air 1’s.

Are They Expensive?

Jordan Air 1 usually retails at $170 for highs, $115 for the mids, and $90 for the lows. But the retail price of the Jordan 4’s is $200.

And what about their resell price, and how much do they resell for?

The resell price depends on a lot of factors such as the rarity, model of the shoe, colorway, size, and more.

Air Jordan 4 Fossil which was released in the year 2019 with a price tag of $190, for example, its price has grown significantly from $215 to more than $350 in 2021 alone.

Jordan 1, on the other hand, comes in three sizes, high-top, mid-top, and low-top. The high-top usually resells at double the price.

In simpler words, the Air Jordan 1 Retro High co.JP ‘Midnight Navy,’ which was released in 2020 with a retail price of $189, has an average resell price of $280, and the highest it went is $660.

Steps To Verify the Authenticity of Your Jordan 4

Step 1:- Check your Jordan 4 retail box and check if it looks genuine. The genuine box will feature a label on the side of the box detailing style name, size, country of manufacture, style number, and color. The style number will usually be 9 digits long. Confirm the information printed is correct and accurate.

Step 2:- You should also find a label inside, and the details vary depending on the year and style. But try to look for the 9 digit number and confirm if it matches with the number that is on the label of the box.

Step 3:- Unlike most Nike and Nike Air Jordan shoes, you will not find a swoosh on the sides of Air Jordan 4’s, instead, you will find a mesh panel. Check if the stitching around that area is neat and even.

Step 4:- The new Jordan Air 4’s comes with an embossed Jumpman logo on the heels. Make sure the finish and the quality of the logo are clean and neat. Also, make sure the edges of the logo are sharp.

Step 5:- Jordan 4’s come with Archsupport technology. Make sure the bubble looks clear, and it is made of high-quality and doesn’t look cheap.

Step 6:- The tongue of the Jordan 4s are split into two parts. The bottom part will have a mesh, and the top section has the Jumpman logo stitched. Make sure the top part where the logo is stitched its tongue has rounded corners.

Step 7:- On the opposite side of the tongue, you should find an inverted Air Jordan logo. Make sure the stitching of the label is even and neat.

Step 8:- The new Air Jordan 4’s insole features a Jumpman, and the older models will have a Nike logo. If it’s a newer model and has the Jumpman logo, check the proportion of the ball, feet, and hands.

Step 9:- Now check the sole of the shoe. Jordan 4’s have a distinctive sole pattern with the Jumpman logo, make sure the material is of high quality and not looking and feeling cheap.

So far so good? Awesome! But if you are still doubtful, you could visit your nearest sneaker store and can have them check their authenticity for you 

How To Wash Jordan 4’s?

Washing your Jordan 4 is very easy. We recommend you go ahead and grab a cleaning solution, a microfiber cloth, and a shoe brush. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

  1. Remove the laces of your shoe and keep them aside.
  2. Using the shoe brush, dust off any visible stains and dirt off your sneaker.
  3. Prepare two bowls of cold water and mix them with the sneaker cleaning solution.
  4. Out of two bowls, take one bowl and throw off your shoelaces into the freshly prepared solution for 15-20 minutes.
  5. With the remaining bowl, dip the shoebrush into the solution and start scrubbing your shoe in a circular motion.
  6. Once you are done scrubbing the shoe clean. Throw a bucket of water on the shoe to remove the soap, or you can also leave them under a running tap for a few seconds until the solution is completely washed off.
  7. Now wipe the shoe with a microfiber cloth to remove the excess water and leave them to air dry.
  8. Remove the laces from the solution and wring them out. If there are any stains, try to remove them using the edge of your fingernail.


The Air Jordan 4 are quite tricky, while they are mostly true to size, they are quite tight for people with a big toe.

If you have a big toe, try buying either half a size up or buy a full size up for a perfect fit.