Do Jordan 5 Fit True to Size?

So when it comes to buying a pair of Jordan 5 shoes, what should you expect in the way of how they fit?

You see, while you may think that all shoes are going to fit the same, that is not actually true. The reality is that shoes that claim to be a certain size won’t always actually be that size as some brands have their own concept of how shoes fit.

That is stressful. It means you need to do some research to know what to expect before you make your purchase. After all, you don’t want to feel as if you have wasted money and then need to go around getting the correct size later on, do you?

So what does this mean when it comes to Jordan 5 shoes? Do Jordan 5 fit true to size? What should you expect in this instance?

The Answer

Jordan 5 actually does fit true to size. Basically, you can trust what they say when it comes to the size, and that’s a big deal.

How this translates for you is that you need to simply know your normal shoe size, and then buy the according pair when it comes to the Jordan 5. Nothing could be easier.

But then, it’s not always about your size. Some people prefer their shoes to feel slightly tighter, and then you have the issue of wider feet.

Overall though, at least you know the Jordan 5 will fit your size. 

What About the Tighter Fit?

But if you are indeed one of those individuals that love a tighter fit, then what you need to do when it comes to the Jordan 5 is to go down half a size. Don’t go down a full size as that will just lead to problems.

The half size will make a real difference. It will provide you with that sensation of the sides of the shoe touching against your feet without effectively crushing them. Also, a full size will then increase the chances of you ending up in pain, and who wants to voluntarily put themselves through that?

However, do keep in mind that the Jordan 5 is already not going to be too big in the size department, so you may even find that the normal size gives you that certain sense of satisfaction you are looking for in your shoes.

What About a Wider Foot?

If we now look at what happens if you have a wider foot, then we have good news for you. Jordan 5, as with pretty much all of the Jordan shoes, are going to have wider feet in mind with the design aspect. 

In short, you don’t have to worry if you do have wide feet as the normal size is still going to work well for you. There will still be enough room for the overwhelming majority of people in their normal size.

If you are still concerned about this aspect though, it may be wise to go up half a size. Once again, going up a full size will lead to other problems, and you will also no longer get the correct support through the sole that you would have done if you had stayed with your normal size.

How to Know Jordan 5 Fits Correctly

So how do you even know that your Jordan 5 shoes are fitting you correctly? Well, there are a couple of important signs that all is well in the size department.

First, feel where your longest toe is in correlation with the end of the shoe. You should feel as if you could slide the width of your finger in the space between the top of the longest toe and the inside of the shoe.

In order to really measure this, you should pay close attention to the heel part. See if you can easily slide your finger into the space between your heel, and the heel of your shoe.

If this is something you can do with ease, then the length of the shoe is going to be perfect. However, if it’s too easy, then you may need to go down a size to really get that ideal fit.

On the flip side, if you push your foot forward in order to take this measurement, then you need to go up a size as it does mean it’s just not fitting you right.

The same kind of approach also applies to the width. You should not feel as if your foot is being crushed from a width perspective. If that’s the case, then adopt the approach of going up a size.

Tip: Ignore the Outside of the Shoe

But here’s a tip for you. It’s important that you ignore the outside of the shoe. All of the adornments that make up the actual visual of the shoe isn’t important when it comes to the sizing.

We need to say this as the outside visual of the shoe can really influence what people expect when it comes to actually wearing the shoe. This can make people think that the shoe is bigger than it really is, and that’s just because of how it is designed on the outside. 

Keep in mind that the inner component is different from the outer. The inner component, in the case of the Jordan 5 shoe, does indeed fit into line with what is expected from international sizing.

Overall Conclusion

So when it comes to the Jordan 5 shoe, then you can rest assured that it is indeed true to size. All you need to do is to know your normal shoe size, and the Jordan 5 will then do the rest. 

It will fit people with wider feet as well, but if there is a time where you just feel as if it’s not quite fitting perfectly, then changing shoe size by going up or down half a size should resolve any problem.

The Jordan 5 is a well-fitting shoe that won’t let you down. By being true to size, it just means you will be able to take advantage of all the support that is contained within the shoe.