Does Jordan 4 Run Big or Small?

Knowing how a particular shoe runs before you think about buying it makes sense from a comfort perspective. However, people are often surprised to discover that all shoes are not made to the same specifications.

Instead, some can run bigger than the industry specifications, while others run smaller, and that causes a problem.

The problem is it then throws out the normal shoe size you would wear, and that can be annoying when you order online. After all, surely you have the right to know how your new shoes will fit, even if you aren’t trying them on in a physical store?

So, does Jordan 4 run big or small? What should you expect from this particular shoe?

The Answer

In the case of the Jordan 4, it runs true to size. That is a relief, as it will let you choose your normal shoe size, and there really should be no problems or issues with it fitting.

But that’s not the complete answer when it comes to getting something to fit you perfectly.

You see, even though they do run true to size, that also means that if you have a personal preference for something to be a little bit more snug, then you need to go down half a size. Going down a full size would be too much in this instance. 

If you went down a full size, then you are going to put too much pressure on your feet, and it will probably end up with you experiencing some pain.

Basically, get your normal size. It will just make life a whole lot easier for you.

The Problem with Jordan 4

With the Jordan 4 shoe, the problem is often that people see this larger than life sneaker and fall into the trap of thinking that it must be big all over.

Well, that’s not the case.

Instead, you need to forget all about the external, and think only about how the internal part of the shoe fits. That’s the only way to know how it runs, or how it fits.

All of the external design features are only there to attract your eye, and to make the shoe look a particular way. They play no role in how the inner part of the shoe works. 

Forget About the Design

Does Jordan 4 Run Big or Small?

When checking if a shoe does indeed fit, you need to forget about the actual design of the shoe itself. The outside of the shoe can be as big as it wants to be, but the inner capsule is where all of the important action takes place.

You need to remember that the actual key parts of the Jordan 4, which includes the comfort and support, are all connected to this inner capsule. That is where your foot gets all the support it needs, and all the stuff contained within the sole is perfectly positioned according to the size.

The fact that the Jordan 4 runs true to size then means it’s easier to have all of this support lined up for your arch, the heel, and every other part of your foot. The actual structure of the shoe is going to line up with the correct part of the foot. 

In this instance, the Jordan 4 should feel as if it fits like a glove, and you will immediately get the benefit of wearing the shoe. 

How to Check That They Fit Perfectly

So even though Jordan 4 is true to size, you should be aware of how to check that they fit you perfectly. Luckily, this is easy to do.

First, do the heel check test. All you need to do here is to see if you can slide a finger in between your heel and the heel of the shoe. This should be quite easy to do with little resistance. If you can do this, then the shoe is going to be fitting perfectly.

Also, pay close attention to how the end of your longest toe is feeling against the end of the shoe. There should be a bit of a gap, and you should also feel as if there’s some room for your toes to wriggle around without feeling crushed.

If that is how the shoe feels on your foot, then there’s a pretty good chance that the shoe is indeed fitting you perfectly.

But one other additional point to make.

Keep in mind that a brand new shoe always feels tighter, as it has to be broken in before it is really capable of fitting your foot perfectly. This has nothing to do with the bottom part of the shoe, but is connected more to the overall structure. As the leather becomes worn, it will fit better.

What About Width?

A quick point about the width aspect when it comes to your Jordan 4 shoes.

Jordan 4 shoes are not going to generally cause any problems if you have wide feet. Jordan shoes are usually built to allow for wider feet, and you will still be able to get all of the support and comfort that is included in their design.

However, even though this is something Nike has already thought about, you need to pay attention to where the edge of your foot is in accordance with the edge of the shoe. 

Ideally, what you should experience is a slight touching of your foot against the shoe. It should never feel as if too much pressure is being applied. At that point, you could end up causing yourself pain. Also, wearing shoes that are too narrow can lead to bunions developing, although that’s not always the case.

Overall Conclusion

The Jordan 4 shoe doesn’t run big or small. Instead, it runs true to size, so if you are thinking about buying them, then only go for your normal shoe size. 

They are comfortable, supportive, and just remember to check things out by using the heel check method to ensure you do indeed have the correct size. However, as we said, there should be no issues at all if you know the shoe size you usually have with other brands.