How Do Yeezy 500 Fit?

Why is it that every expensive thing gives a head-scratching experience? I want to buy Yeezy’s, but first, they are expensive, it’s hard to find the model you are looking for, and when you do, you don’t know if it would fit you!

Where’s my frowning emoji!?

Haha… take a seat, get a coffee and read this article to lift the boulders off your shoulder and find the right size.

I will now help you buy the right size for you that is just as easy as buying a Starbucks.

Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

So,how do Yeezy 500 fit? Yeezy 500 looks big and chunky from the outside, but is it big inside? are they true to size? If it is, then why is there chatter about its size? And what size would work for you?

Apparently, Yeezy 500 and 350 are very similar, while 350s are true to size, and you could go buying them without trouble. But when you are buying Yeezy 500s you should go at least about half a size up.

When compared to the 350s, you will find a drop in comfort with the 500s due to their toebox being a lot firmer. Meaning the toebox is wider but still not as big as other Adidas sneakers.

Origin and Criticism

This was an experimental project by Kanye. In the age of proper fitting clothes and shoes. Yeezy’s launched an unusual shoe that is chunky, looks ugly, and so out of trend.

Sneakerheads and traditional media were shocked how Adidas could approve this model and received negative comments until it was finally released in 2018.

Codenamed “Desert Rat” when it launched in 2018, it started flying off of the shelves immediately, and people loved their new purchase. It spread like wildfire on the internet, with everyone rocking this and posting their outfits.

What was uncool and tacky became the trend on the internet instantly! 

Every fashion channel on youtube that preaches how to wear clothes was initially complaining about Yeezy 500s looks but later admitted that they are not that bad and they like wearing it for themselves. A sudden switch in the air!

Why do Yeezy 500s grow on people making it desirable?

The reason for this is

  1. It has a unique and an unusual design
  2. Since they are unusual, it grows on people, and everybody wants to try them.
  3. They are a conversation starter
  4. High resale value.

Resale Value

How do Yeezy 500 fit?

Yeezy 500 originally retailed for $200 in 2018, and in 2021 they are reselling at $380, it’s a decent $180 profit. If you are wanting to buy it and can afford it, you should go ahead and buy one as the prices of sneakers are only growing in the market.

How To Buy Sneakers Safely Without Getting Scammed

Like it or not, the internet is a very risky place, and buying shoes online from sources whom you don’t know is definitely a thing of worry. And even if you get the shoe that looks completely like the original, is it okay to buy a fake one by spending hundreds of dollars?

Since it’s hard to know if you are talking to honest and genuine sellers or scammers. We will let you know a few key things to remember when making your next purchase online.

Request Identification With the Shoe

Online, anyone can impersonate anyone. It is way easier for the scammers to take other sellers’ photos and to claim to be theirs.

To protect yourself, you could request a tagged photo along with identification, such as you could request the seller to take a photo of the shoe along with today’s date, the username of the seller, name of the sneaker.

If the seller accepts your requests and gives out what you asked for. It’s a good sign that the shoes are on-hand and legit.

Use Reputable Marketplace

No matter what sneaker you are trying to purchase. Always buy them from the reputed marketplace. They have many guidelines and reputation systems put in place. Even if you get duped, most marketplaces such as eBay have a buyer protection policy that will refund your money.

And never trust sellers on IG, even if they have 10k or 100k followers until you for sure know they are legit.

Sellers Reputation

Before making your purchase, just like you look at the ratings of a restaurant or a hotel. Make sure you check the seller’s rating and reviews on the platform where they have the rating and review system.

Make sure you thoroughly research the seller on the internet as you are spending more than the retail price for the shoe, and you should be getting the shoe at the end of the day and not a headache.

Only after you have done thorough research, talk to the seller.

Craigslist and Safety

Craigslist is an amazing platform to find the best deals on sneakers, but you have to be extremely careful as you will have to meet a complete stranger.

It is difficult to find who you’re speaking with on Craigslist. There’s no rating system, you will have no username of the person. You are only going to have their phone number, city, and probably their first name.

If you find a deal and you think he/she is a genuine seller, request a tagged photo of the shoe. Set up your meeting in a public location that is busy and during the daytime and take one or two friends with you. Throughout the meeting be very careful and be open to any red flags. If everything goes smoothly, you should have nothing to worry about.

Try Buying From Reputable Resellers

Instead of buying from the internet and wondering if you are speaking with a genuine seller or if you will get the original product. You could head down to reputable resellers like Stadium goods, Fight Club, and more and purchase it directly from them. 

You wouldn’t even need to worry about its authenticity as these sellers do all the inspections before they add the shoe to their inventory.

And this is the reason they exist on the market. They take away your headache, verify the authenticity, and saves you your valuable time.


While we helped you by providing a complete guide from helping you with the shoe size and also in how to buy them.

We are hoping you have a great purchase and a great experience buying it.

When buying do buy them from reputable sources or be careful and vigilant if you are buying them online.

Have a happy and safe purchasing!