How Do Yeezy Foam Runners Fit?

Kanye West, since the beginning, has been reshaping the sneaker market, and this time in collaboration with Steven Smith, who is a designer for Adidas has again come up with a Jaw-dropping shoe.

But the question is, how do they fit? 

Since most Yeezy’s are notorious for sometimes being small. How do Yeezy foam runners fit? Are the foam runners true to size, or should you go half a size or a full size up with your next foam runners?

Foam Runners Are They True to Size?

Space barnacles, Yeezy crocs, or whatever you like to call them, Yeezy’s have again set a benchmark with their shoes.

North West, the daughter of Kanye West, first teased the foam runners in the summer of 19’ before they were officially unveiled by Kanye.

The shoes are made from a blend of algae and EVA materials. Aesthetically they fall between crocs and sneakers, with their unique and slick aerodynamic shape, the holes, and ridges inspiration that was taken from Yeezy 700.

But most importantly, Kanye West always cared about the ease of wearability, comfort, and lastly, innovation and jaw-dropping designs.

If you are wondering if they are true to size?

Yes! Yeezy Foam runners are true to size, but the silhouette is offered only in full size. So those who are in-between, it is recommended to go one size down.

And the algae that are used in these shoes are harvested from Kanye’s own hydroponic farm at his HQ in Wyoming. 

These shoes are also proudly made in the USA while also being the most affordable Yeezy ever to retail.

And if you’re thinking about the lifespan of the shoe, these shoes are going to last you pretty long!

Affordable Yeezy Ever!

How Do Yeezy Foam Runners Fit?

Yeezy foam runners are the most affordable Yeezy’s ever to be made. These shoes retailed for $75 at the time of the launch, while Kanye originally wanted them to be priced at $20.

Are we going to see affordable Yeezy’s in the future?

We probably might! 

Kanye West time and again expressed how he wants his shoes to be affordable while also maintaining the exclusivity that the Yeezy brand enjoys.

As of now, there’s no concrete information or news that affordable Yeezy’s are in the pipeline.

But looking at the recent price trends of Yeezy shoes, they are somewhat indicating there’s going to be affordable Yeezy’s for us to buy.

I mean, heck! if iPhones are getting affordable, Yeezy’s enjoy the same reputation and exclusivity in the sneaker world, and it is possible they may launch an affordable Yeezy soon.

Usage and Cleaning

The Foam Runners are made for everyday use. They are made with cutting-edge production techniques that make them extremely comfortable that directly competes with Adidas’s own Boost technology.

Can they be worn all day? No problem at all! Your feet and legs are not going to feel fatigued wearing them all day.

Since they are everyday shoes, they would require cleaning once in a while.

How do you clean your Foam Runners?

  1. Wet the shoe with cold water
  2. Prepare a bowl of water and mix it with a sneaker cleaning solution.
  3. Using a shoe brush, scrub the shoe inside and out completely.
  4. Keep repeating the process until everything has been removed and the shoes are shining.
  5. Once done, using a microfiber cloth wipe the inside and outside of the shoe thoroughly and remove all the soapy moisture.
  6. Leave it to air dry.

How To Style Properly?

How to style foam runners that look like the shoe is from the future. You could use a sock to create a unique look. If you have the sand color foam runners, you could create a minimalist look by wearing a cream color sock creating a tone-on-tone effect. If you have the gray color foam runners, you could use colored socks to play with them.

If you are a guy, never wear these with jeans or suits. But this shoe is best suited with chinos and shorts. 

And for girls, you are going to be looking fly wearing them with jeans, trousers, and whatnot, but try to avoid wearing these with skirts.

Adidas Yeezy’s vs Nike Air Jordan’s in 2021

Nike Air Jordan was the only player in the sneaker industry that people kept speaking about, and they never really had any solid competition until Yeezy’s arrived at the scene.

In fact, the fight between these two brands is so intense, Kanye’s said this in one of his songs Facts as “jumped over the Jumpman,” and “if Nike ain’t have Drizzy, man, they would have nothing, Woo!”

But why are we talking about this?

Resale value!

All sneakers are investments. Even if they are brutally damaged, and you keep holding onto them. They can be worth a huge sum of money later on.

If you are wondering what is the most trending/followed sneaker brand on social media, as per complex, Yeezy wins against Jordans and this shows despite being launched just a couple of years ago they are growing in popularity fast, they have a growing fan base, their sneakers are in demand, and their resale value will keep skyrocketing for new, older and rare models.

And as per the Stockx, Yeezy keeps winning the race of resale value continuously despite it being so much younger than the Nike Jordan. Meaning, all Yeezy shoes typically seeing growth in resale value and are growing continuously.

In fact, it is believed Jordan’s relevance in the past few years is credited to Don C’s and Drake’s collaboration with Nike Jordan.

Yeezy is definitely catching its might, and your Yeezy’s are just going to be worth more in a few years, and your investment is going to bank you more than you spent a few years ago for sure.


Foam runners really pushed the bar higher! You are not going to be disappointed with this shoe. These shoes are simply astonishing, and we are sure you are going to turn a lot of heads, and your new Foam Runners are going to be a conversation starter every time.

Let us know the count — how many heads you had em’ turn towards you. My bet is… you are going to fail in your counting as you are going to turn A LOT!