How Does Jordan 4 Fit?

On the face of it, the Jordan 4 comes across as being quite a big and chunky shoe. So, thanks to its appearance, you would perhaps automatically think that this shoe would run quite big.

However, is that the actual case? Or, is this shoe packing a bit of a surprise as to how it fits?

That’s what we will check out.

The Answer

So let’s just cut right to it. How does Jordan 4 fit? The Jordan 4 actually fits true to size. It doesn’t run big, which you would think from how it looks, and that’s the surprise.

You see, while the outer parts of the shoe can appear quite bulky in nature, the inner part of the shoe is just not like that. In fact, it’s going to be quite true to how you would expect it to fit, if you know your real shoe size.

The outer part of the shoe isn’t important here, at least from a fitting perspective.

But there’s no doubt that you can be easily thrown when looking at the Jordan 4, so a better explanation of what is happening is required.

The Shoe Design

The Jordan 4 is one of the most popular shoes on the market right now. This is partly due to the sheer number of collaborations that have already been developed, along with those that are currently in development.

Available in low, mid or high rise options, the actual height doesn’t really change the perspective people have of this shoe. You see, it is quite common for people to think that this particular shoe is going to run big.

But as we said earlier, the design of the shoe is the deceptive part. 

Thanks to aspects on the heel and around the side of the shoes, it makes it look bigger than it really is. People are then deceived when it comes to the rest of the shoe, as the impression is that the entire shoe will follow suit.

But that’s not the case.

The actual inner part is undoubtedly true to size. The external adornments are just that. They do not infringe on the inner part of the shoe, so that takes us back to the fact that they run true to size.

The inner part of the shoe follows the international standards. In fact, Nike has a tendency to follow these agreed measurements across their brand, but that’s not the case with every name on the market.

However, no matter how the shoe is measured, you need to be absolutely certain of your own shoe size to get the correct fit. Fortunately, there are also a couple of tips you can use to see if the size you have is perfect or not.

Measuring to Get the Right Fit

So with them running true to size, knowing what constitutes the right fit is important. 

Basically, you should be looking at having the width of a finger between the longest toe and the end of the shoe. That will mean your foot is positioned perfectly, at least from that perspective. 

You can also check this by seeing how much space exists between your heel and the heel of the shoe. The space should really be the width of one finger. Anything more than that will result in the shoe being too big, and your foot is going to slide around.

If you are unable to do this, then you need to go up half a size. It works best if you do have this wiggle room to play around with. It will prevent you from developing all kinds of foot issues, such as blisters, and it also means you will benefit from the support that exists in the shoe itself.

However, if the wiggle room is too much, which means that space between your heel and the heel of the shoe is too great, then go down half a size. That also applies if you are the type of person who does prefer a more snug fit when it comes to their footwear.

Of course, you could also go to an actual physical store and get them to measure your feet. That way there’s going to be no mistake when it comes to the size.

Oh, and a quick word about the width of the shoe. 

With Jordan 4, width is not going to be a problem, apart from some exceptional cases, as they are designed to still be comfortable and supportive for people with wide feet. Even though that is the case, you should still feel as if there’s a slight gap between the widest part of your foot, and the edge of the shoe. It shouldn’t make your foot feel as if it is being crushed at any point.

The Problem with New Shoes

But here’s another point you need to remember when it comes to not only the Jordan 4, but any new shoe. 

At first, the shoe is going to feel tight even when you know you are wearing the correct size. This is something that will ease over time, but it’s worth keeping this point in mind when you buy your new shoes.

They need to be broken in, at which point they do become more comfortable, and Jordan 4 is no exception. That is why you need to pay close attention to how they feel when you are trying on a new pair.

Ideally, they should feel quite tight. Remember that heel measurement we mentioned earlier? It should feel as if you need to push your finger in there with just a bit of pressure. At that point, it will often mean your new sneakers will fit perfectly once this breaking-in period has passed.

Overall Conclusion

The Jordan 4 fits true to size. If you know your normal shoe size, then get that size in the Jordan 4, and you will quickly discover that the sneaker should fit perfectly. 

What this shoe is capable of showing us is that looks can be deceptive. The design of the shoe makes it look bulkier and chunkier than normal, and that is where people get the idea that the Jordan 4 runs big.

But that is not the case. So go with your normal shoe size, and you can then get the full experience of what the Jordan 4 has to offer you.