How Many Pairs of Off White Jordan 5 Were Made?

So when it comes to sneakers, knowing how rare a certain color or design may be is going to directly influence the cost to you. In the case of the Jordan 5, then we do have a number of options out there on the market.

You see, by limiting the number of pairs created in a certain color or design, Nike will immediately create some sense of desirability when it comes to the shoe, and that then falls over even into the used sneaker market.

Of course, this is not something that is unique to Nike. So many brands have a tendency to approach things in this way. 

But let’s look at the number of pairs of off white Jordan 5, and how it then relates to what you should be expecting to pay for these shoes.

The Answer

According to different industry sources, the number of off white Jordan 5 shoes that were made, and put up for sale, was capped at 46,000. 

Now, for some people that number may sound like a lot, but it’s small fry compared to other brands where it’s more about simply the name rather than creating any sense of being exclusive.

At 46,000, it meant the 2019 version was viewed by the industry as one of the hottest drops around. The number of people out there wanting to own a pair far surpassed 46,000. 

How That Compares to Other Designs

How Many Pairs of Off White Jordan 5 Were Made?

We know that saying there were 46,000 pairs is tough to get your head around. So, compare it from this perspective.

Other Jordan 5 designs resulted in more than 500,000 pairs being made. Other designs were close to 1 million pairs.

When you hear those numbers, then you start to see how something limited to 46,000 is still classed as being a relatively rare design in the world of sneakers.

It’s Not Just the Color

But do remember this when talking about the number of pairs of a particular shoe released onto the market. It’s not just the color.

In the case of the off white Jordan 5, you are looking at a shoe that is designed by Virgil Abloh and takes inspiration from the classic OG metallic colorway. However, the remix adds something a bit special on top as well.

Here, you have black textile mesh on the uppers. You have translucent soles added into the mix. You also have 3M reflective tongues just to make things different.

What you ultimately get is a shoe that is rare, something that is desired, and has enough about the design that makes it stand out from the crowd.

This will, in turn, mean this rare shoe can become a design classic. It will probably be something people will still desire for years to come just as people do with the original Jordan shoes from the 80s.

What it Meant for the Market

What this meant for the market was that demand outstripped supply. However, that’s what you want when you are creating something that is viewed as being relatively exclusive. Let’s face it, that’s what Nike is aiming for when they come up with exclusive designs that they then drop onto the market.

In turn, this means the market can then really determine the price that these shoes will sell for. It also bolsters the used market where the resell value of these shoes will remain high thanks to people missing out on getting a pair when they first dropped.

This is the kind of approach that will mean the shoes will tend to hold their value, or even go up as they are prone to do. That means you can expect to end up potentially paying more for a pair now in 2021 than you would have done when they first dropped just a couple of years ago.

That’s less insane, or surprising, as you would have perhaps expected. 

The Resale Market

Looking at the used market, then prices vary by a huge amount. At the time of writing, the value for a pair of off white Jordan 5 shoes is hovering around the $800 mark. However, there have been times where the price has been around $1800 for a pair.

But that’s one of the crazy things about this market. The price can fluctuate by a massive amount, and that means you need to try to time it right in order to get a pair without paying top dollar.

But be warned. That $800 price we just mentioned could have even changed, so don’t take that as being set in stone. You may be lucky and pay less. You could be unlucky and be forced into paying more. It’s certainly something where you need to assess what is going on, and then decide if it’s time to buy.

Overall Conclusion

So how many pairs of Off White Jordan 5 were made? 46,000 pairs and that makes them quite rare in the sneaker market. Well, it’s rarer than buying a pair that had more than 500,000 pairs made and put up for sale.

Being limited to 46,000 means they are desired by sneaker collectors, as well as those people just looking for something different in a classic shoe such as the Jordan 5. 

Demand was high for these shoes when they first came out, and that has resulted in the price being pushed up in the used market. However, keep in mind that the price on that market will vary by a huge amount, and the fluctuations can be wild.

So, how much could you end up paying to then own a pair of off white Jordan 5 shoes? Well, that’s something we cannot tell you and to be accurate with it. All we do know is you are looking probably paying north of $500 on the used market, and don’t be surprised if it’s pushing into more than double that at different times.

But then, you will be owning a pair of shoes that are classic and will continue to be desired for a long time to come.