How Much Are Air Jordan 1’s Worth?

There are over 60 signature Jordan 1’s that have been released since 1985, but how much are Air Jordan 1’s worth?

And how many non-signature Jordan 1’s come out each year? 

Why are Jordan 1’s are so famous and sought after sneakers? And are they worth it!?

History of Jordan 1s

It all begins in the year 1985 when a struggling sports shoe company bet their everything on a rookie that still hasn’t proved anything.

Now let’s talk about how Air Jordan came to be and why they are where they are.

Before Air Jordan was unveiled to the world, Nike and Mike fooled the real Air Jordan by Mikey wearing another Nike shoe for his NBA matches — The “Air ships”, which looked similar to Air Jordan’s. It was that little trick of deception that lead to the birth of the legendary sneaker of all time.

During this period, NBA sent out a warning letter to Nike that the shoe that doesn’t have white color in them violates the NBA dress code and mentioned that a fine of $5,000 will be levied if Mike continues to wear them.

While this is a true story, there’s also another part of the story that needs validation by Mike himself — it is told Mike, despite the warning from NBA, kept wearing them for all his games and paid the fine. But there is no confirmation of this rumor.

When eventually the Jordan 1s were released to the public with the colorway that Michael wore for his games, they were named “Banned” colorway by the fans, they are also known as, “Bred” Black and red.

Nike set the retail price of $65, which is expensive for 1985, and when the shoes went live for sale — they were sold out immediately! Some resellers even sold them for $100, and people’s thirst for this shoe was unending.

Expensive Jordan 1 That Was Ever Auctioned

The Jordan one Chicago bulls shoe that Michael Jordan wore in one of his games was sold in an auction for a whopping $560,000, even beating the previous record that was set by 1972 Nike Waffle Racing “Flat Moon Shoes”, which was sold for $437,500 in 2019 more than it was estimated to sell for.

This iconic pair of Jordan 1 was worn by Michael in 1985 for one of his games, and he also signed them off with a black permanent marker which is typically rare because Michael always uses a ballpoint pen.

Another interesting fact about Michael Jordan, if you are unaware, is his one foot is 0.5 inches longer than the other. His left foot size is 13 inches, and his right foot is 13.5 inches.

How Much Are Jordan 1 Worth?

How Much Are Air Jordan 1’s Worth?

Jordan 1’s typically sells between the price range of $90-$170 but depending on the colorway, collaboration, and model, there is a possibility of a sellout.

Jordan 1’s come in high-tops, mid-top, and low-top, and as per StockX data, Jordan highs are usually popular and in demand. They usually resell at an average premium of 115%. In simple words, Jordan’s high-top resell price grows more than double its retail price after it has been sold out in retail stores.

Jordan’s low-top are just as valuable as their high-tops, and their value shoots up significantly and usually resell at 96% premium than their retail price.

Nike released Air Jordan 1 Low Dior, and this was the most expensive Jordan to retail ever after Air Jordan 1 High Dior — the low top retailed for $2,000 and was released in a limited quantity that is rumored to be 8,000 units, and yet the shoes have gained 220% value in reselling market ever since then.

List of Expensive Jordan 1’s

There are about 60 signature Air Jordan 1’s, and we will let you know the five most expensive Jordan 1’s of all time.

Dior x Air Jordan 1 High OG

With a price tag of $2,200, the collaboration with one of the leading designer brands and a legendary sneaker brand brought us the most expensive Jordan that ever retailed. Since Jordan Highs always start with the price of $170, this was the only sneaker that retailed with a price tag of $2,200, and since then the retail price has shot up 398% — selling at $11,000.

Off-White™ Nike Air Jordan 1 “UNC”

This is the third collaboration between Jordan and Off white. The inspiration behind the colorway of this sneaker is Michael Jordan’s Alma Mater, the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill. Virgil Abloh’s signature deconstructed look and the Carolina blue and white colorway perfectly represented Off White collaboration. The average resell price of these sneakers are $872.

Dave White x Nike Air Jordan 1 “Wings for the Future Gold”

In 2011, the Jordan brand wanted UK artist Dave White to design 23 pairs of Jordan 1s for auctioning them for charity. White wanted to try out the stars and stripes theme. While following the theme, he also covered the toe box in gold to bring in the element of royalty. And used vibrant colors like blue, white, and red color to detail the rest of the shoe. The average retail price of these is $2,725.

Shinedown x Nike Air Jordan 1 PE “Attention Attention”

This collaboration between Jordan and Zack Myers of the rock band Shinedown who is also a noted collector of retro Jordan collaborated to design these shoes. This sneaker features the same color blocking as “Bred Toe”, but the red color was swapped out and replaced with yellow color, and the lateral heel of this shoe has the artwork of their album “Attention Attention” embossed. The average resell price of these shoes are $4,825.

Nike Air Jordan 1 “Legends of Summer Black”

This was the third and final “Legends of Summer” Nike Air Jordan 1. These shoes feature a black and red color blocking that always has the Jordan fans go bonkers. They also feature a silver detailing on the swoosh and on the toebox creating a unique and distinctive look that looks like one of a kind. The average resell price of these shoes are $6,400.


Air Jordan 1’s is expensive because they are not just a sneaker. They have a rich history, rich legacy, and their impact on pop culture, the sports industry, and the sneaker world. 

With Jordan’s, you are always making your money back in the secondary market, and this is why Jordan’s are always in demand and worth more.