How Much Do Jordan 11s Cost?

Jordan 11s are an absolute classic shoe to own. Originally designed by Tinker Hatfield, the first pair of Jordan 11s appeared way back in 1995, so they have been around for some time.

However, their popularity shows no sign of waning. Various redesigns and launches constantly perform well on the shelves, and this popularity does have a major impact on the price that you are going to end up paying in order to own a pair.

But here’s what you need to remember.

The price you pay for a brand new pair of Jordan 11s will vary when compared to you trying to get your hands on an original pair, or even a pair from several years ago.

So, we will try to answer the question as to how much do Jordan 11s cost? by giving you a few examples of what you may end up having to shell out in order to have a pair at home.

The Cost of the Latest Model

So let’s begin with the easiest answer, and that’s the cost of the latest version. 

With the latest Jordan 11s, you are looking at paying in the region of $220 off the shelf. That is perfectly reasonable compared to older versions that are out there on the market, but be aware that the $220 is just a ballpark figure. However, it’s going to be pretty accurate with little variation.

In saying that, you may be lucky to pick up a pair for slightly less, but you would be hard pressed to find something that was available for under $200 for a brand new pair.

Older Versions Get Trickier

But now we can look at the trickier market, which is the older or classic versions. Here, the price you can end up paying to get your hands on older versions can potentially vary by a huge amount.

Also, a number of key factors are taken into consideration when it comes to pricing these older models.

The Age

The first thing to think about is the age. It makes sense that the older versions will often be more expensive, as fewer will be left in some kind of acceptable condition. 

Typically, a pair from closer to 1995, when the Jordan 11s were launched, will be more expensive to own than a pair from 2015.

The Condition

Condition is everything with Jordan 11s, and the price you will end up paying to own a pair. The condition of the shoe will make or break what you pay. 

You want something that is as close to pristine condition as you can get. The more marks and scuffs on the shoe, the more the price drops.

The ideal shoe will be one that looks as close to having just been bought off the shelf as possible. Now, it does get harder to find the older the shoe gets, which makes sense, and that is why those versions are going to command the higher price.

Any Special Design?

Another key area is whether or not there’s any special significance attached to the shoe in question. In 2020, you had the 25th anniversary of the launch of the original Jordan 11s, and that is something that may mean the version from 2020 could be viewed as being more expensive on the used market in the future.

You may want to keep that sort of information in mind when it comes to buying a pair of Jordan 11s on the resell market.

The Prices on the Resell Market

Those different factors all lead to the prices on the resell market varying by a huge amount. 

Take a pair from 1995, which is in a reasonable condition. You could be looking at something in the region of $800 to own them, while some may go higher than that price.

But then, a pretty pristine pair of Jordan 11s from 2018 can be bought for around $450. Now that’s still higher than you would be paying for a brand new pair, but that’s not the point.

Instead, it’s all about the rarity factor that makes these prices climb. 

These prices will vary a huge amount, and this is something that can change on pretty much a weekly basis. In fact, that pair of the 1995 edition can easily sell for closer to $1000 some weeks, and that’s a lot for a pair of shoes.

So this is what you need to do.

You need to seriously check out the market before you go ahead and spend any money. Keep an eye on the market for some time to see how prices fluctuate. They will go up and down depending on availability and demand.

Don’t just jump straight in, unless you know you are seeing an amazing price. Do your research first, or you could easily end up paying over the odds for a pair of Jordan 11s.

Also, check that you are buying a genuine pair. There are fakes out there, so make sure you have the right pair of Jordan 11s, or you could end up being ripped off if you aren’t careful. The fact you could be spending a fortune on them as well just strengthens the idea that you must be sure they are the real deal first.

Overall Conclusion

Jordan 11s will sell for various prices, as we have just shown. It does mean you need to be aware of the age of the shoes, the condition, and what the current market rate is for a pair from that year.

However, even a brand new pair of Jordan 11s will set you back more than $200, unless you are exceptionally lucky, so that is what you need to budget for. If you plan on getting a vintage pair, then something that is in good condition will be more than $500 for most years. In saying that, you need to look around to try to get a good deal.

At the end of the day, you are getting some classic sneakers. Look after them, and they will be a worthwhile investment, as those prices are only going to keep on climbing as time goes by.