How Much Do Jordan 5 Cost?

So the question we are going to look at here is how much do Jordan 5 cost?

Now, while this should be pretty straightforward, that’s not actually the case. There are a number of factors to take into consideration when we look at the cost. Of course, you also have to think about exclusive releases, various designs, colors and styles.

That means there’s no one single price that you will end up paying when it comes to Jordan 5 shoes.

But then, let’s make things even more complicated. You have the used market as well where people are selling classic sneakers for sometimes high prices. Jordan 5 shoes are not immune to that.

So, let’s try to simplify things as easy as we can when it comes to how much you should expect to pay when it comes to Jordan 5 shoes.

The Answer

Typically, your basic Jordan 5 shoes are going to retail from around $200 to $225 when they are brand new. 

But let’s set one thing straight. We are talking about your basic pair of Jordan 5 shoes. That’s not the price for some of those exclusive designs that hit the market. If talking about those sorts of shoes, then you can easily expect those prices to climb.

However, you do at least know the basic price that you should be expecting to pay in order to get your hands on a pair of those Jordan 5 shoes.

Saying that, let’s delve a bit deeper into the different prices you can expect to pay for these types of shoes.

Exclusive Prices

How Much Do Jordan 5 Cost?

When we are talking about shoes around the $200 mark, we are talking about shoes that had some 500,000 pairs created and put out onto the market. 

Also, keep in mind that the latest edition of the Jordan 5 comes with eight different color combinations. Now, it stands to reason that some color combinations will be more desirable than others, and that pushes the price up, or down.

But which colors are more desirable is not something that will always be known in advance. It’s going to be something that the market determines after the shoes are out there for sale.

After that, you will then start to see how it influences the resale market as that is where prices can vary by such a huge amount.

Resale Market

But let’s move onto the resale market as that’s where things get interesting. 

If you are looking at a basic pair of Jordan 5 shoes, then the more recent sneakers, which means from 2021, can be retailing on the resale market for a price of around $260 on average.

Now, keep in mind that they cost $200 when they came out, so they have already jumped up in price, and that leap only gets bigger when you get an older pair, or those exclusive designs.

In the case of the off-white Air Jordan 5 Sail Fire Red design, it has been known for that exclusive design to reach prices of over $3000 on the resale market. However, it does tend to sit a bit lower at around the $2500. Nevertheless, that’s a high price to pay for a pair of those shoes.

But it’s not all as high as that.

An older pair of Jordan 5 shoes will, on average, have a resale value of around $700. The only other thing we would suggest is for you to remember that this price fluctuates. At one point, the average resale value was closing in on $1800, so you may want to bide your time before buying.

The resale market for Jordan 5 shoes is volatile. But it’s not something that is unique to this shoe. 

Why They Cost So Much

Part of the reason as to why the Jordan 5 shoe is held in such high regard is to do with the colorways. You are looking at so many different options, which includes the Jordan 5 being given the ‘What The’ touch that it creates a sense of people scrambling to get their hands on their preferred look.

It’s hard to think of another shoe that has had such a marketing approach applied to it. Imagine taking the favorite colorways that people have had, and throwing them all on the one shoe. It’s a stroke of genius, but it also then pushes the price up.

Think of Apple products and how people pay more for them because of the name and the feeling it gives them. The Jordan 5 shoe is capable of doing the exact same thing, and that is why you could end up paying a premium price if you want to own these shoes.

Overall Conclusion

As you can see, the price you may end up paying to own a pair of Jordan 5 shoes can vary a huge amount. It all depends if you plan on buying a brand new pair, or if you are checking out the resale market. Add in those exclusive designs, and you understand why it’s tough trying to tell you exactly how much you should expect to pay in this situation.

Of course, if you are not too concerned about special editions, or those shoes that are more exclusive, then you should not end up paying more than $300 even on the resale market.

Just be aware that the price will fluctuate. Alternatively, try to get a basic pair from Nike and pay around that $200 figure for something that is fresh out of the box. However, getting your hands on a pair in this way may not be that easy for you.

Also, these shoes will hold their value, and even the basic pair that has been mass produced should be capable of still maintaining its price down the line. So, the Jordan 5 shoe could very well be a worthwhile investment, and there’s every chance you could make a profit should you decide to put it out on the resale market in the future.