How to Get Early Access On Sneakers

So you are aware of some brand new sneakers that are up and coming. You know that countless people will eventually want to get their hands on them, but you don’t want to be left out. So, then the question is how to get early access on sneakers?

You need to be aware of how to potentially get that all-important early access for those sneakers. Yes, it is possible for you to increase your chances of getting those new sneakers, and we are going to take you through how this can be possible.

Get the SNKRS App

If you are getting excited about Nike shoes, then the best way to get early access, with no guarantee attached, is to look at downloading the SNKRS app.

Nike themselves support this app, so there’s nothing to worry about. It provides you with a platform that could, potentially at least, provide you with early access to the latest releases, and get them before they hit the stores.

The key with this app is to be active on it. By being active on the app, it means Nike is then more likely to provide you with early access to those new launches.

Look at being active as forming some sort of loyalty card. However, your reward is to get the shoes people are actively hunting for, and when you love your sneakers, it does turn into a great reward.

But you should also be aware of some tips that could just make that little difference when it comes to getting those sneakers.

More On Being Active

So we spoke about being active, and being rewarded as a result. Now, that does take some explaining, so let’s get to it.

Brands will often include information in the non-commercial content on the app. Both secret links, as well as early access, can be incorporated into this content, and that’s why you need to be paying attention.

People that are active in the app will pick up on these links, but here’s another important tip.

With the content, check out the photos that are posted. It has been known for photos to be designed so you have to scratch them, and you can then win a pair of sneakers.

Don’t just blindly go over the content and think that everything will be obvious. That’s not the case at all.

It’s clever marketing in all honesty. Increased engagement simply means you have a better chance of winning a pair of exclusive sneakers compared to those individuals who think it will always just come to them.

Be Aware of the Time

First, you need to understand that sneaker drops come out at specific times. For some launches, if you aren’t there at that time, then you will miss out and have to wait with the masses to get those shoes.

The key here is to know the time they drop at, which is almost always 10am EST, and be there at least 15 minutes before that time. While that’s not going to give you a cast iron guarantee, you have to be in the game in order to win the game. If you miss the time, even by 30 seconds, then you won’t be successful.

Be Aware of Multiple Accounts

People who constantly talk about being rewarded with shoes will tend to have multiple accounts. They are spreading the odds of them being able to get what they want, and some will end up being selected multiple times thanks to having these various accounts.

You need to be aware that this happens. Also, you can join them.

You may ask friends or family to create an account on your behalf. Other people use a VPN and create multiple accounts on their own. It may be time consuming, but it can be effective.

Basically, this is like winning the lottery. The more tickets you buy for the lottery, the better the chances that you will get some kind of financial reward.

This approach uses the same principle, but as with the lottery, it doesn’t mean you will always be successful.

Enter Various Draws

Keep in mind that multiple shoes are dropping throughout the year, so it makes sense to enter as many draws as you can.

As with the multiple accounts approach, the more draws you enter will increase the chances of you winning at least one. 

This is completely fair, and you will not be the only individual doing this. When you then multiply it even more by entering various draws from various accounts, it doesn’t take long for you to begin to understand how you will hopefully end up winning.

There’s No Guarantee

As we said earlier, there’s no guarantee of you even getting access via this app. You need to be lucky enough to be drawn, but here’s the thing.

If you look around online, then you will see references to some people claiming they are never selected, while others have been selected on numerous occasions.

That is why you need to be active on the app. It’s almost like attempting to catch the attention of your teacher, but for shoes.

Overall Conclusion

You have several options available to you when it comes to getting early access to sneakers, but nobody is able to give you 100% success rates. Instead, you do need to have luck on your side to get those sneakers, and that applies to everyone.

We have included a few tips on how to perhaps gain a slight advantage over people who are not investing as much time and effort into getting early access. 

You cannot sit back and think it will just happen. If you adopt that approach, then you will always fail. It just cannot happen like that. The more effort you put into it, the better the odds.

Instead, be proactive and participate. Pay attention to content on the SNKRS app, and while you may not win the pair of sneakers you want, it can make it more likely you will gain early access to something. You may even surprise yourself with liking what you win.