How To Protect Air Jordans?

These questions come up a lot with Jordans. How to protect Air Jordans? How do I extend my Air Jordans life by properly taking care of them? And, how do I properly clean them?

Cleaning your Jordans is easy, and all you need to clean and protect your sneakers is just 10 minutes of your time.

Without keeping you any longer, let’s get started!

Don’t Abuse Them

The best thing you could do to your sneakers is to take care of them properly from the beginning. The easiest way to protect your shoes is to protect them from getting stained or wrinkled. When you purchase your new kicks, make sure to use shoe protection sprays and give them a good coat every few months.

Stuff Your Shoe With Paper

To avoid creasing your shoe, always stuff your shoes with scrunched newspaper. Stuffing your shoe with newspaper sucks out moisture from your shoes. 

In case you had a bad and you got your shoe drenched in rain, or if your feet sweat a lot, the newspaper will help to make it dry and also eliminate bad odor.

Stuff your shoe with newspapers after every wear or build of a habit of using force guards after you are done wearing your sneakers. It protects your shoe from creasing and maintains its stiffness and rigidity, extending the life of the shoe. 

Properly Store Them

How To Protect Air Jordans?

Elongating your sneakers life and keeping them looking new is not hard. You just got to learn the basics of wearing and storing them once you are done with it. 

Do you know keeping your shoe in light can damage and reduce the life of the shoe? Yes! They do, and it is recommended to store them in a dark environment. Put them in a shoebox and store them properly with newspaper or force guards.

One other thing you could do when storing your shoe is, you could put your shoes in a zip-lock bag along with a pack of silica as they can grab any moisture removing odor.

Don’t Use the Washing Machine

Never wash your Jordans in the washing machine! Washing sneakers in the washing machine can damage the material of your sneakers and also the stitches. Also, if you are thinking that it is just one wash, but it could deteriorate the shoe’s feel and look. Also, using a washing machine to wash your sneakers can damage the drum of the washing machine.

Switching Shoes Between Each Wear

Try to switch between shoes and don’t wear a sneaker more than twice a week. Not doing so will probably damage your Jordans quickly as they need the time to dry and rest.

Cleaning Your Jordans

If you’ve been wondering how to clean your jordans, it’s pretty simple.

  1. Remove the laces and throw them in a bowl of water mixed with mild laundry detergent and let it sit in it for a while.
  2. Now dry brush your sneakers with a soft-bristled brush or toothbrush, remove all the visible dirt on the shoe, and also remove any stubborn stains from the midsole.
  3. Now prepare another bowl of water mixed with mild laundry detergent. 
  4. Dip the shoebrush or the toothbrush in the solution and gently brush over the upper, outsole, and midsole thoroughly.
  5. Using a microfiber cloth, wipe dry the shoe and remove all the soapy moisture and dirt. If needed, repeat the process until it’s squeaky clean.
  6. And then let it air dry.

To hide any tough to remove stains or scuffs. You could use magic erasers which will help you in hiding away the blemishes.

Cleaning the Insoles and Removing Odor

From time to time, you should clean the insoles of your shoe to avoid any formation of bacteria or yeast. These bacteria and yeast can cause bad odor and also cause infections. 

To clean the insoles, remove them from your shoes and repeat the same cleaning steps you used it to clean the outsides of your shoe. Once done, let it air dry. If the odor persists, you should get insoles replaced, and they are available at most shoe and sports stores.

Don’t Regularly Wash

Another thing that is important to discuss is, you should never wash your sneakers often. Continuously cleaning your sneakers with water creates oxidation in the air, and that creates a chemical compound that causes your shoe to start yellowing. The less cleaning, the better.

Clubbing and Driving

Clubbing: Don’t wear sneakers to clubs and dance with them!? Apparently, yes! In clubs, movie theaters, or at any crowded place, people can accidentally stomp on your leg, leaving stains or damaging the material of the shoe. If you want to lengthen the longevity of your sneakers life and hold onto them. You should avoid wearing your favorite sneakers to any crowded place.

Driving: Since most of us subconsciously rest only the front of our foot on the pedal, that is a 45-degree angle also know as crease angle. Driving your car with your foot at a 45-degree angle will quickly cause creasing. Either have a separate shoe in your car that you will only use it for driving or try to correct your foot placement. Make sure the foot position is comfortable for you and there are no safety lapses.

Removing the Gum

Stepping on gum with your Jordan’s is very painful — at least I get a heart attack. I mean they are Jordans!!!

So how do you remove gum if you accidentally step on it?

Simple, all you need is a tweezer, eraser, a microfiber cloth, and hot water. Begin with removing the gum with the tweezer. Now dip the microfiber cloth in the hot water and rub over the area to soften the gum. With the help of an eraser, rub over the gum until all the gum starts falling off and there’s no residue of the gum.


Was that too hard!? Of course not! We hope you have everything you need to protect your sneakers from the dirt and stains.

And if you do get them damaged, we also have discussed how you can remove them.

You can also follow the steps to clean your other sneakers.

Wishing you the best!