What is the Most Expensive Air Jordan 1 to Date?

So, what is the most expensive Air Jordan 1 to date? Well, if you are anticipating that this is going to be an expensive shoe, then you are right. However, when you think about what it involves, then it does make a whole lot of sense that this particular shoe comes with a high price tag.

But anyway, let’s look at how expensive it is, and also throw out some information about the prices of other shoes that you may be interested in checking out.

The Most Expensive Air Jordan 1 Shoes Ever

Here’s the thing to remember, the price we are about to quote may not even end up being the highest price by the time you read this thing. In saying that, it’s going to take a whole lot to top the price here.

What we are looking at is a pair of Air Jordan 1 shoes costing a whopping $560,000.

Yep, you read that right, it does indeed say $560,000, and that is one seriously expensive shoe right there.

Now this price does come from 2020, and it was at an auction that was held by Sotherby’s. But why did they command this high price tag?

Why They Cost So Much

What is the Most Expensive Air Jordan 1 to Date?

The reason why they cost so much money was because the shoes in question were not only autographed by Michael Jordan himself, but they were also worn in a game. That makes them pretty special when you stop and think about it for a second.

But this price came as a real surprise. The estimate for these shoes was only a third of what it ended up selling for. It also broke the record for the most expensive sneaker ever, which used to be another pair of Nike shoes from 1972 that sold in 2019 for over $430,000.

Also, what you get here are mismatched shoes when it comes to their sizes. That’s because Jordan always wore mismatched shoes throughout his career. It means one shoe is a size 13 while the other is a size 13.5.

Why Spend So Much?

These shoes are iconic. The fact you can then tie them in so closely with Michael Jordan himself is just an added bonus. Sure, not every pair of Air Jordan 1 shoes will actually end up costing that much as this pair is exceptional, but what about a normal pair of Air Jordan 1 shoes that are currently available on the normal resale market?

If you are looking for a pair of Air Jordan 1 shoes, without the Jordan autograph and all of those other expensive things, then the price you can pay varies by a huge amount.

Typically, a pair of Air Jordan 1 Retro Fragment shoes can be bought on the resale market for anything up to $2000 per pair. Now that is quite a lot for shoes, but it’s still a whole lot less money than that autographed pair of shoes.

But that’s not all.

Remember that there have been several editions of the Air Jordan 1 since they first exploded onto the market back in the 80’s. The price you pay depends on which version you are looking at, whether it is the high, mid or low version, and the condition.

All of that can make a difference between a pair of older shoes costing you more than $500, or those shoes that could cost you up to thart $2000 mark.

Basically, you need to shop around if you want to get the best possible pair of Air Jordan 1 shoes for the least amount of money. 

How About a New Pair?

But if you are talking about a new pair of Air Jordan 1 shoes, then you may be looking at something in the region of $145 depending on where you purchase them. This price can vary by an impressive amount, and that is still something that takes people by surprise.

Also, the price will vary depending on whether you are looking at Air Jordan 1 High, Mid, or Low. If you are going for a brand new pair of the low versions, then you could get them for around the $100 mark. But that does depend on where you buy them.

However, while the more modern version is still a nice shoe, there just feels like there’s something missing when it comes to a new pair as opposed to a cool retro pair that has already been loved and cherished.

Any Other Important Pairs to Look Out for?

When it comes to the Air Jordan 1 shoe, then you are going to have to splash out a reasonable amount of cash to own a pair. However, there are a number of other Air Jordan shoes that are worth checking out.

Air Jordan 11s are the most popular when it comes to sales figures, and picking up even an older pair of them needn’t break the bank. This may end up still costing you in the region of $500, but that’s a far cry short of the $2000 that some Air Jordan 1 shoes can command.

Also, don’t forget about new launches from either 2021, or even 2020. Plan ahead with some rarer shoes and try to get your hands on them as quickly as possible. Those shoes will be the collector items in the future, and you don’t want to miss out at any point.

Finally, keep in mind that prices fluctuate constantly. What you pay when you read this could be completely different to when this was written.

Overall Conclusion

So, the price for the most expensive pair of Air Jordan 1 shoes is probably well above what you were expecting. Not only that, but even a pair that is not autographed and only a retro pair of shoes may be more than you would have initially thought.

The price of iconic sneakers such as the Air Jordan 1 will only continue to increase thanks to pairs becoming rarer, but the clamour and desire to own a pair remaining high.