What Size Yeezy 350 Should I Get?

If you’re having trouble finding the right size for your next Yeezy 350s, you have come to the right place. One of the most frequently asked questions about Yeezy shoes is what size Yeezy 350 should I get?

Well, it could be, and it couldn’t be.

Kanye West and Adidas are causing a Tsunami in the sneaker world with every launch. But are Yeezy 350 true to size, and will it be a perfect fit for you? Or should you go one size up?

We are here to help you find your perfect size to help you join the others and ride the sneaker tsunamis.

Yeezy 350 History

Ye, before the iconic Yeezy 350 shoes came to birth, was initially partnered with Nike and released shoes under the brand name “Air Yeezy”. 

But Nike later refused to give the royalties to Kanye for his designs and from the sale of the “Air Yeezy” sneakers. So Kanye packs his bags and heads to Adidas. 

On 3rd December 2013, Adidas and Kanye announces their partnership. And in 2015, Yeezy 350 was launched under this new partnership.

Yeezy 350 created a storm in the sneaker world when it was released. It was the Yeezy 350’ Turtle Dove, in particular, that started the craze and madness that Yeezy enjoys today. 

Yeezy 350 True to Size?

Apparently… they are and aren’t true to size!

If you are looking for Yeezy 350 V1, these shoes are true to size, but on the other hand, the 350 V2 isn’t true to size, and we recommend you to go a half size or a full size up than you usually do.

Does 350 V2 get loose with wear?

It does get loose with wear but not by much, and therefore you should go a size up.

Comfort Level of 350s

Yeezy boost 350 are the most comfortable sneakers! As long as you go for a size up and they are not too tight.

A user on Reddit says, “I have NMDs, Ultra Boosts, and 350s. I can say that the 350s are the most comfortable shoe out of 3 of them. There’s way more cushioning in the 350s over the other 2.”

So there’s no doubt that you would be comfortable wearing them all day and won’t feel fatigued.

But what is “Boost” in Yeezy Boost? And how does it help?

Boost Technology

What Size Yeezy 350 Should I Get?

Adidas developed a technology to replace the existing foam technology that was widely used in sport’s shoes — EVA or also known as Ethylene vinyl acetate. 

Adidas, with their innovation team and German chemist BASF, came together to create a breakthrough innovation for performance running shoes. 

They created the Boost technology using a material called thermoplastic polyurethane that was expanded to form closed cells around tiny pockets of air.

Benefits of Boost Technology

There are five benefits of boost technology.

  1. Comfort: The cushioning of the boost technology makes you feel like you are running on clouds. 
  2. Temperature: They are all weather/temperature friendly. Making it the perfect partner for you to using them all day and in any harsh weather.
  3. Durability: You can run miles wearing this, but it won’t cause any loss to performance.
  4. Flexibility: No matter what pace you have set for yourself. These are very flexible, and you are going to have the smoothest run.
  5. Power: The fifth and most powerful feature of Boost shoes are the ability to absorb the shock and return more of an athlete’s kinetic output.

Despite many other competitors trying to create a technology that is similar to Adidas Boost. They are still nowhere near to achieving this feat.

Is Yeezy 350 Worth it?

The 350s are definitely worth it. The marriage of unique design, Primeknit upper, Boost technology are all the perfect blends that revolutionized and innovated the sneaker industry from the dull sneaker industry we used to have before.

And despite being just a couple years old. Yeezy enjoys the luxury of high resale value for all their shoes.

Is the Primeknit material durable?

Primeknit material that is used in Yeezy’s is durable, but just a few people experienced it wearing out, and this looks like it is a production-quality concern with just those pairs. Others have reported that their Yeezy is holding up pretty well.

Can I hike wearing my Yeezy?

Hiking and Camping in Yeezy’s

Of course, you can hike and camp wearing your 350s, but before doing that, hear me out!

Although Yeezy’s are technically better than NMD’s on snow, they are not better overall and are very slippery when you walk on snow. Therefore it is not recommended you wear these out on the snow.

Wearing them for camping!? You sure could! But dirt will definitely ruin your $220 shoe, and then you will have to put your time and energy into cleaning them.

Rock climbing? Ah-ah! This one! you sure can rock climb, and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting dirt on them nor about slipping. But they aren’t made for rock climbing per se. They are streetwear shoes, and if you are rock climbing, we advise you to wear proper gear that is made for rock climbing. And avoid injuring yourself and getting into accidents.

Cleaning Your 350s

Cleaning your 350s is very simple, and unlike other shoes, you could use a washing machine to clean your 350s!

So how do we get started?

  1. Properly remove the laces and the insoles from your shoe
  2. Using a cloth remove all the dirt and mud off the shoe
  3. Now take two pillowcases and put each shoe with their laces
  4. Throw them into your washing machine
  5. Now add laundry detergent less than you usually do
  6. Press the Start button

Note: Do not set the temperature of the water hot as they can damage the material of your shoes, and set the washing cycle to gentle to avoid any damage to your washing machine’s drum.


Yeezy 350 is an iconic pair that’s never going to fade out. If you are looking forward to grabbing a pair — you sure should!

While they are better in a lot of cases than Adidas’s own sneakers and can be daily worn, we advise you to use them as a fashion accessory and not use them for any sport.

I hope you found this helpful.