What Size Yeezy Slides Should I Get

Yeezys shoe size chart is inaccurate, and we know this — most Yeezy sneakers are simply not true to size, and the other issue is they only come in full size, and so you cannot go half a size up, instead, you have to go a full size up.

But why is that Yeezy shoes are not true to size?

And what about the slides? Are they true to size, or should I go one size up?

Keep reading to find out what size Yeezy slides should I get?

What Size Should You Get?

Yeezy launched the slides in 2020 when the whole world was locked inside their homes during the pandemic. These were the perfect Yeezy’s to release during the lockdown, and their timing was spot-on, also to many during this lockdown these were the perfect companion.

So the slides are true to size? Yes! They would fit you perfectly just as any other shoe would fit you. But, there is something you should know if you have a bigger toe. 

The shape of the entire slides is wide and should accommodate your foot perfectly, but a few people with a bigger toe reported that since they have a bigger toe, it was a little tight on them, despite the fact the shape of the slides are already wider, and due to this reason they had to go a size up with their slides.

But if you are someone who loves a tight and snug fit, you should be good by buying the slides that are true to size, or if you need a little bit of breathing room or you just prefer it a little bit loose, you should go a size up.

And if you are wondering about their comfort, the Yeezy slides hands down are very comfortable to wear, and they have a welcoming fit.

Yeezy and Their Sizing Mess

What Size Yeezy Slides Should I Get

Do you like the amazing designs that Yeezy drops? Oh! Wait! I bet you sure like the unique colorways of Yeezy? 

Exactly! This is why there’s a “mess.” 

In trying to create unique-looking sneakers, the shape of the Yeezy shoe is also modified in the process of making it.

Despite most Yeezy’s are not true to size, there are some who didn’t face any issue by buying true-to-size Yeezy.

The problem with the Yeezy sneakers is the shape of the shoe. Most Yeezy sneakers have a small tox box, which requires us to go a size up. But if you have a perfectly shaped foot or your foot and the toe area in specific is smaller and narrower, you should be okay with buying true-to-size Yeezy sneakers.

Now that we’ve learned why Yeezy’s are mostly tighter, how about we talk a little about styling and maintaining your Yeezy slides?

Maintaining and Cleaning Your Slides

Before I talk about how to style yourself with the slides, it is important that we talk about cleaning and maintaining your slides.

  1. Fill a bowl with cold water and add a sneaker cleaning solution or dish soap
  2. Using a shoe brush, scrub the slides thoroughly 
  3. Take a microfiber cloth and wipe your slides thoroughly to remove any moisture
  4. Leave them to air dry for an hour

Exposing Your Slides to Light

It’s no wonder that light damages clothes and sneakers — maybe that’s why our grandmothers kept nagging to keep the clothes or shoes inside the house once we are back home or when we are done drying them after a wash.

Does keeping my slides out in the sunlight harmful? Sunlight tends to damage your shoes or your clothes just like they burn your skin if you stay out under the sunlight for a longer period. That is why it is recommended to store your slides in a dark place once you are done wearing them.

What if you don’t, or you forgot? You are damaging it — the aging won’t be immediate, but over a period of time of regular exposure to sunlight, you will start to notice the material of the slides is different than how it used to be before. You may even find the colors of your slides fading or generally not as vibrant or soft-looking as before.

Also, the science says — sunlight causes shrinkage, so it’s possible your Yeezy slides could shrink and can get tight around your foot

Submerging in Water

It is reported that the material of the Slides can get damaged by putting it into the water, and it should be kept away from the water as much as possible. So we would advise you to avoid wearing these out to pools, beaches, or when it is raining.

How Do I Style With Them?

Styling with the slides is easy — they are perfect for both indoors and outdoors — and when I mean outdoors, I don’t mean wearing them to your business meeting or to your date night, but maybe in some cases, you could wear this to movie nights.

Let me tell you why styling with the slides is easy and how it is going to uplift your appearance.

In this modern era, the trends keep changing fast. We witnessed a trend where we wore our jeans below the waist, exposing our underwear, then we moved to wearing properly fitting clothes, then came the trend where we as men transitioned to wearing extremely tight-fitting shirts and pants, basically cutting off our blood circulation a big LOL!

These days we’ve learned from our mistakes, and due to the availability of so many resources, we could go back and improve on how we dress up and look attractive. Just because of these resources the fashion world has realized and stuck to a few non-aging and never out-of-trend styling.

But do you know, one among them is loose fitting and just got out of the bed look? This “I don’t give a damn” way of styling makes you come out as a mysterious, intelligent, and tough-looking guy. These are all the traits that would make even other men envy you — Since you come out as ALPHA!

And Yeezy slides are the perfect footwear that could help you get that image.

Your best friend with your slides is a tee that fits, chinos (makes sure you fold it and show your ankle), and JOGGERS!

What to avoid? Jeans, shirts and suit pants!

If you want to add an element of fun, just throw on some colorful socks with your outfit, and it’s going to give you that trendy and fun look!


Yeezy slides is the perfect footwear for both indoors and outdoors — which gives you heavenly comfort but is equally easy to style with and that which uplifts your appearance and personality.

Also, make sure you clean them every few months to keep them fresh and clean but don’t go overboard and clean them after every few wear.

We hope you had a great time reading.